What’s up guys today I have seen a legendary streak has ended, yes I am talking about the WWE Wrestlemania 30 results in which The Streak of The Undertaker which was of 20 – 0 has just ended by the Brock Lesnar and now its 20 – 1. Now everyone knows that Wrestlemania is the top PPV (Pay Per View) of the World Wrestling Entertainment, and for watching this I woke up at 5 : 00 Am, (The Time in India) yeah all the WWE madness. This may be a very surprising with all the result I have seen, I mean I don’t know how to digest all these things. I mean may be these were best WWE Wrestlemania Matches.

WWE Wrestlemania 30 Results :

1. The Usos With Los Matadores defeated The Real American and RybAxel :

Well this isn’t surprising at all, The sons of legendary Rikishi have something in them. I mean they are fast, have good stamina with power as well, and they have awesome moves. Now addition to this they have The Los Matadores with them, the new tag team which just came a few month before and this is their first wrestlemania match. What I like about them is their running bull, LOL I mean who is that guy dresses like bull but still got some awesome moves. I love Los Matadores for keeping that guy around.

This match was a pre kicked off match. As we know that Jack Swagger and the Ryback is currently on a loosing streak. I mean I can’t even remember the last match they won. But they aren’t fighting a singles match for a long time and The Usos has beaten up the hell out of them many times. So this pins wasn’t surprising at all and I wasn’t interested in that match either. But the fun was just begun all I want to see was the John Cena and The Wyatt Family match.

2. The Shield defeated Kane With The New Age Outlaws in WWE Wrestlemania 30 :

The Shield which consist of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns was going with some difference in their team after they lose to The Wyatt Family but they somehow managed to get back on the right track. The Kane who is now the “Administration” was ordering them but I think the The hounds of justice don’t want to be tamed.

This all started up when the Daniel Bryan called up the audience in the ring and Kane blamed the King for that. He called up the Shield to attack Jerry Lawler AKA The King but instead of beating him The Shield attacked Kane. In the following weeks this that Kane with the New Age Outlaws which consists of Road Dogg and Billy Gun will fight with The Shield on Wrestlemania 30.

The New Age Outlaws who recently loses their Tag Team Titles to the USOS was in a raged to fight. But the shield somehow managed to neutralize all of them. Although this result was expected, Kane should have taken some better player with him. Since I want to see The Shield loses the match this match just bring my hope down. But there is still more action left.

3. Daniel Bryan defeated The Triple H :

Wow I mean just Wow this match was awesome. I mean I never thought that but Daniel Bryan defeated the Triple H and because of this win he got place in a triple threat match with Randy Orton and Batista for the WWE Championship.

WWE Wrestlemania 30 Results

(Image Credits : WWE.com)

When the match startup the entry of the Triple H was a bit scary as he was looking like a wild warrior and to company him her wife Stephanie McMahon was with him. But as soon as he reaches the ring all the scariness was over. As I looked up on him it was clearly shown that he is now Old and this is the time to retire.

Daniel Bryan who was covered in Bandages because of the previous beatings by Triple H, didn’t seem to do any good damage to Triple H. Triple H extends his hand to show Sportsmanship or I don’t know may be was a trick. But Daniel start to beat him off. As the fight continue they go out of the ring but the fight wasn’t over. Even Stephanie was amazed that his husband trying so hard to overcome Daniel Bryan.

Triple H didn’t take time and started to attack on the injured shoulder of Daniel Bryan. And the best moment was Triple H applied the Yes Lock to Daniel Bryan that was awesome. Soon after that Triple H planted him with a Pedigree but Daniel Bryan got up and got the pin. Stephanie didn’t accept that defeat and slapped Daniel Bryan and then from the back Triple H made a post match assault. But this isn’t over for Daniel Bryan as he also have a triple threat match today. So the WWE Wrestlemania 30 results continues.

4. Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker and broke The Dead Man’s Streak :

This was the worst match of Wrestlemania 30 and after that match the only words came out of my mind was f*** you Brock Lesnar. I thought that Undertaker would never come to WWE again but he surprises us coming back again. If you look him now and if you look to his photo some year before you would also say that he has become old. His days are now over, and what I want to say was please don’t test your streak over and over. Yes I am talking about the legendary streak of Undertaker as he win his 20 wrestlemania matches without losing a single one.

The match started and the Brock Lesnar made his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Although the entrance of Undertaker was way better as there was smoke, casket and obviously the fire. The match started and the two animals collide with absolute force. In the middle a time was come when the win of Undertaker was clearly shown even the Paul Heyman was shouting in anger. The Undertaker also trapped Brock Lesnar in the Hell’s Gate but he escape from it. This was the first time I have seen someone escaping hell’s gate.

After that The Undertaker took a chance to deliver the Tombstone Piledriver but Brock took the advantage of the time and deliver his blow to Undertaker. And hence the Streak is Over. That was a great wrestlemania match but WWE Wrestlemania 30 results still don’t over yet.

5. Aj Lee won the Divas Championship :

This wasn’t necessary and I didn’t watched it as well. So just for the result she won the championship. So stay tuned for more WWE Wrestlemania 30 results.

6. John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt with the Wyatt Family :

I don’t like Bray Wyatt from the beginning. If you can’t remember then I have to tell you that he made his way through the NXT and his previous name was “Huskey HarrisHe was the same guy who attacked John Cena in a match with Wade Barrett and cost him to become one of the NEXUS.

This fought was started when Wyatt Family attacked John Cena in the Royal Rumble and then in the Elimination Chamber. They say that they want to show the truth about John Cena. They say that all the Hustle, Loyalty and Respect is just a bunch of lies.

When the match started the entry of The Wyatt’s was awesome with the live band and people wearing masks. And just after that John Cena entered the ring. For my surprise the Bray Wyatt sit on his knees and ask Cena to attack him to show the people that all the Hustle, Loaylty and Respect are lies. Then they both fought of and Bray was acting like that it was all going to the plan. In the middle of the match when Cena was trying to hit the “You can’t see me” or the “Five Knuckle Shuffle” he was stopped by creepy shenanigans of the Bray Wyatt and really it was creepy.

WWE Wrestlemania 30 Results

(Image Credits : WWE.com)

After some time rather concentrating on Bray, Cena started to attack the other Two Wyatt’s outside the ring and all I Say was “Yes ! Kill those f*** bas****”. But after some time the Bray Wyatt planted the Sister Abigail to John Cena and I thought that this is over. But rather going for the pin Bray pick up a chair and again sit on his knees after giving the chair to Cena. Then he asks him to hit but instead of hitting him he hit that chair to another Wyatt (I don’t know his name !).

And just after the moments John Cena won his creepiest match of all time. Still a good WWE Wrestlemania 30 results.

7. Cesaro Won the Andre The Giant memorable Battle Royal :

It was an awesome match, since I clearly have an interest in Royal Rumble that other matches. Cesaro won the match by last eliminating the The Big Show. There is not much of a thing to talk, I mean you have to see it with your eyes to make this memorable. So stay tuned for more WWE Wrestlemania 30 results.

8. Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton and Batista in a triple threat match for the WWE championship :

That was completely out of space news. Randy Orton and Batista who was all freshen but Daniel Bryan who damaged before coming to the Wrestlemania. And then he fought with Triple H and then he beated by him in the Post Match. But he eventually wins on the shows of the shows.

When the fight was started the Randy Orton was taking the lead and I also thought that he is gonna win this fight. Then the authority (Triple H and Stephanie McMahon) tried to make him lost the match but they were attacked by Daniel Bryan. Then Triple H bring out his Sledgehammer to hit Daniel Bryan. But somehow Daniel Bryan was ready and turn’s Triple H’s own SledgeHammer against him.

Then Batista and Randy Orton double teamed up on Daniel Bryan and hit him with Batista Bomb and the Randy Orton with a RKO at the same time.WWE Wrestlemania 30 results

(Image Credits : WWE.com)

A stretcher was taken to the ring to take out Daniel Bryan but he refused to go. Then after some moments Batista tried to pin Randy Orton but was stopped by Daniel Bryan and got trapped in the Yes Lock. After that Batista tap out and we got the new WWE champion. So this is the last match on WWE Wrestlemania 30 results.

WWE Wrestlemania 30 Results : My favorite Moments

  • Triple H use the Yes Lock On Daniel Bryan
  • Stephanie slapped Daniel Bryan
  • Undertakers’s entrance
  • Hell’s gate by Undertaker
  • Beating Of Wyatt.
  • Creepy shenanigans of the Bray Wyatt.
  • Elimination of Big Show by Cesaro
  • Triple H took out his Sledgehammer
  • Randy Orton and Batista’s mixed attack with Rko and Batista Bomb

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