A very good news to the users of Windows, that Windows Phone 8.1 is finally came in the market. Well I used to have a windows phone or the Windows Mobile Phones but right now I am using Android, but since I got both I can only say that Windows phone was much better than android (According to me 🙂 ). Windows Phone were constantly challenged by Android and IOS even some of them even say that it is a dead OS. But now I think Windows Phone 8.1 is going to shut someones mouth.

With the Windows Phone Update or the launch of Windows phone 8.1 Microsoft also released three of its first phone having windows phone 8.1. They are Lumia 930, Lumia 630, Lumia 635.

Its also a great update for Windows Phone India. But Windows Phone 8.1 still not available to users. And mostly phone having Windows Phone 8 can be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1. The update process will start rolling out in a month. Beside the other update Windows Phone 8.1 has a classical thing that will be going to help windows phone users a lot. A speaking personal assistant named “Cortana” which is an alternative of IOS “SIRI”.

Microsoft WIndows Phone 8.1

Features of Windows Phone 8.1 :

1.  Windows Phone’s new personal assistant CORTANA :- Microsoft is doing everything to make their Operating System compatible for their users. After Apple’s SIRI and Google’s Google Now, Microsoft has bringing you its own personal assistant Cortana. As I am a big fan of PC games and I think this name has been taken from a game as well. I think its taken from Microsoft’s game HAlO, int the game the girl giving the instruction is named as CORTANA (Though I may be wrong 🙂 ).

Now Cortana is powered by BING and it will observe your internet history and your music etc. and will learn about you. It will give you good recommendation which you can’t neglect. That’s still not the end for the functions of Cortana, it will keep your friends closer and will remind you special things such as their Birthday, anniversary etc.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1

2. Start screen wallpaper option, Now its customizable : The thing which I hated about Windows 8 Phone is that if you want to set a wallpaper you can only set to the lock screen. But Now with windows phone 8.1 it can be used with the start screen. Means now you will have customizable tiles which will make your windows phone more awesome. Beside that the tiles will also be Live as well means they will also reflect the information in them. So that will make it look more awesome and will help the user as well.

3. Finally the most awaited Action Center is here : The most awaited function from Windows phone is here, the drop down action center for windows phone. When I was using the Windows Phone I was really having the trouble to get notification and starting the WIFI and other things. But now with Windows Phone 8.1 The users will get the drop down action center just like android. This menu has also been adapted by Apple in Iphone.

This menu will show the latest notification such as missed calls, new message, new mail etc. Beside this it will also tells you the apps to be updated and download progress bar. It is also having four shortcuts as well. These will be for Wifi settings, Sim Settings, Flight Mode and Bluetooth.

4. Perfect Integration of Skype : Why I use “Perfect” for Skype Integration ? Its because now Skype has been upgraded to integrate into the dialer menu. Means you can convert a regular call into Skype video call with just a touch. Also Skype is made to work with CORTANA to use it with a voice command and with the camera as well.

5. Connectivity And Power Of Xbox : Don’t forget its connectivity and syncing feature which I love the most. When I was using my numbers was automatically synced to facebook but in android now this is not happening. And other things such as calendar and events will automatically be added into your windows phone. Not only that all of your photos and video will also be synced to your desktop with the feature of “One Drive”. Recently they also increase their storage capacity that also works in your favor.

With Office 2013 all of your documents will be synced as well. And office 2013 is also free for those having students accounts with DreamSpark. Skype will sync al of your contacts and calls record to your desktop and mobile as well.

And remember that the windows phone is the only phone that comes Xbox integration. That means you will be still be connected to the Xbox and can catch the multiplayer action and all of your achievement. More to that you will also have your Xbox videos and Xbox music.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1

6. Other new tweaks and new apps : Microsoft came with new tweaks and upgraded thing to its basic armory. Such as now Lock screen themes can display many other wallpapers, as well as API are given so that developer’s can also change the lock screen wallpaper with an app. Also the Windows Phone Marketplace has now filled with more apps as well.

The calendar widget got a redesign and now it will also show week wise calendar along with weather widget which is integrated into the calendar app. The Music and Video apps also got a finishing touch or some improvements and now they are split apps.

The Internet Explore 11 that IE11 has been introduced in the Windows Phone 8.1 that has awesome new features such as Inprivate browsing, super speed, password caching. You can find out more on WindowsPhone.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update will be available to users in the next month.

If I have left any other points in Windows Phone 8.1 then please comment below.

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