What’s up guys, Today I am talking about why a facebook page for business or blog is necessary. First of all we all know that Facebook is the largest social network. It has overcome twitter and thrown other social networks to the black hole. According to Alexa, Facebook is the second most popular site in the world.

That’s not all it also give you much more traffic and other things as well.

Should you Create Facebook Page for Business or not ?

What are the other things ?

Don’t worry I am going to tell you that as well.

 Why you need to have a facebook page for business

Why a Facebook Page for business or blog is necessary

Brand Name :

It create your brand name to facebook. If you are providing any type of service than it is very necessary since user can go to your facebook page and can see your recent works, posts, review etc.
So it create an idea in the mind of the user that your services is authentic and your site is not a spam.

Good For SEO :

SEO or search engine optimisation play an important role in here. Since facebook is fastly index by google. And facebook page also allow you too have a backlink link to your site. This means increasing the domain authority and the pagerank as well.

What do that facebook and twitter are the website that doesn’t penalized by google so if you spam facebook with your links it still have a good effect on your site. But be sure your not doing it in a wrong manner.

Here is a link to know more about this.

Will Create an Optin for your viewers.

it creates an Optin for your viewers. Means once i like it they will constantly have the post of your website that will result in more traffic and more engagement from your viewers.

It will also help in creating conversion and and getting more profit. Means that selling your stuff will going to be easy

But make sure what your providing to your readers.
It won’t take much time to unlike your page cause no body wants irrelevant things poping up onto his wall.

No limit on number of likes :

Facebook page has no limit on fans. This make the facebook page as a valuable assets. This feature will be more profitable what does user who reached or approaching 5000 friends.

Facebook uses a cap on every user so that it can have up to 5000 friends.

So if you are approaching to 5000 friends than why don’t create a facebook page for business and for your own profile.

High promotion :

The best thing about facebook if someone like your post, comment on it, then that post will directly go to the activity feed and on wall of some of the user’s best friend.

That means more approach on the facebook network.

More to that if you have a like button on your site than the like count will increase even if someone like the post on facebook rather than on your site.

And if someone share your post then this post will be available on its wall so more exposure, more traffic and more conversions. So you should Use Facebook Pages for Business.

Get helpful insights with facebook analytics :

Facebook Insights provide info about your fans and your viewers. The details contain such as the time they were online, or  when most of them are online, which post is like by the viewers most, what type of things your viewers wants from you.

Just think of that as a Google Analytics tool. To get more visitors the working of it must be understand by you.

With the facebook page app get more fans and subscribers :

Facebook can be used to increase the number of fans on other social network as well.

Using the facebook app you can integrate twitter pinterest youtube linkedin etc. the apps will also help in running a giveaway or collecting e-mails. you can also use an app which will show your homepage to the facebook as you can see on my page.

Keep your viewers on the track :

What happens if your site gone into the maintenance mode.

Eventually you will lose visitors and when your site come back to normal you will not have same traffic as you are getting before.

So facebook page can be used to keep your viewers on the track by keeping the facebook page updated regularly. So no lose of visitors and minimum lose on traffic.

So Make Facebook Page for Business  and make your site more better.

That’s all on why a facebook page for business is necessary.

But please remember investment in the facebook page for business should not be done if your corporation is small.

Here is a link to FORBES which is telling why investment is bad for small business.

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Why a Facebook Page for business or blog is necessary


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