Hi guys, I know this is a silly thing to ask that what is your name, but what is your name is gonna be in different scenario is a fun thing. I have seen these types of pictures on FaceBook and on Twitter many times, so today I thought of creating a post on just to see what will be our names in a different scenario or in different keywords. And I also got many messages on whatsapp as well asking the What Is Your Name Friend ?

Well this post is totally for fun, I have collected some of the best naming convention according to me. Well I can be wrong but these are fun, have a look at them.

It is great on finding these images although I have credited each one, to which I have taken the image if I forgot anyone you can specify in the comments.

So before wasting more time lets start the list.

What is Your Name in different state :

So before starting the list I should remind you that this process is required to giving complete focus and those which have an IQ less than 100, please leave this page its not for you. Just kidding have a look at them and share it with your friends as well.

1. What is Your name – Or your witch name :

What is your name - In Witch pedia(Image Credits : Glitter & Bruises)

This image is hilarious and it goes mostly viral on the time of Halloween. Well Don’t know about you guys but I am really scared of witches. Their broom, their magic and all of their other things is just scary. And if I go by this pattern my name would be “Sensual Seeker“. OK it’s  not that creepy and kind of fun as well. You can also tell What is your name according to this in the comments.

2. What is Your Villain Name :

What is your name - In Villain Terms

(Image Credite : 9Gag)

Villain and not just any villain they are the super villain and because of them all the Avengers and Justice League Existed. Well I do not have any affection for villains but I do like the Joker a lot. I mean his state of mind, his manipulation, his daring all the things are ultimate. Now if I try out the name by going with this chart it would be “The Bloody Werewolf“. This is in some sense is over whelming. Try out what’s your name to be ?

3. What’s Your Heavy Metal Name :

What is your name - In heavy Metal

(Image Credits – Eatliver)

This is specially for those which are in real heavy metal music lover. I do like some of the heavy metal but not all and so that I can’t say I am true fan, but I still like this nomenclature. Like the heavy metal we have got all the heavy names bounded here. So if we go by this convention my name would be “Bleeding Temple“. Oh ! that’s a cool one, well I think so 🙂 .

4. What is your Name if your an anime :

What is your name - In Anime

Is anyone out there who is an anime fan other than me ? Well I guess you are, then its the time to check out what will be our name if we are in an anime. As you can see the names are just like the common anime such as Kai, OhMaru etc. So if we go by this convention my name would be “Rai Sa“. Hmmm it would be better if it got “Ra’s Al Ghul” but anyways I still like this as well.

5. What’s Your Name if you are a Ninja :

What;s Your ninja name


(Image Credits – ImgHut)

The new category is for the Ninja names, well I do like Ninja’s a lot. Their hiding in the darkness, their power, their fighting still and some other things which I watch it in “The Ninja Assasin”. And beside that I also watch Naruto a lot, so you can say that I am a Ninja Fanatic but let keep that apart. Now if I go by this convention my name would be “Shi Ari“. That look like a girl name 🙁 . So Define Your Name as well according to this convention and put them in the comments.

6. What is Your Vampire name :

What is Your Vampire name(Image Credits – IloveVampireNovels)

They are immortals, and never get old. They feed on blood and scared of Sun light. They are fast, they are strong and they will drink your blood, they are vampires. So now we are also viewing their naming convention. So if we go by the above chart my name would be “Rapid Succubus“. It would be great if I don’t comment on that name 🙂 .

OK That’s the end of the What is Your Name series, but remember always :

No matter what your name is

(Image Credits – Demotivation)

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