What is Deep Web or Deep Net.

What is Deep Web or Deep Net.

Hi guys today I am going to tell you what is deep web or deep net.

Almost every person we know is using internet. Different sites, services, paths etc. but surfing on the net still feel that we didn’t know how big it is.

So here is a fun fact, we can only use 30% of the internet. Other 70% of the internet is hidden in a place known as Deep Net or Deep Web or the Invisible Web or the Dark Net.

So the question arises what is deep web ?

It is that part of the internet which the search engines can’t indexed. Its hidden and can only be accessed with some special browser. Now the main feature of this deep net that here you can find every thing. From secret porn scandals to drugs. Even guns, grenade and other weapons. I even heard that a site named as silk road is also selling the army tanks as well. But on 2nd October 2013 the FBI arrested the admin and the founder and the silk road is still seized.

There is only one person who can trace the deep net. But since only a single person knows that, it means it have a much higher fees.

Now how to enter in the deep net?

The answer is using TOR BROWSER. Tor or The Onion Root, well its name has a special meaning. As we see the onion and its like a maze means a onion peel over another TOR is just the same. To enter into the deep net just use Tor and there will be you are.

Now how the TOR works?

Tor uses a complex system to ping our IP from different location, therefore no one can know our location. It guarantees total anonymity. If you try to find your location in Tor using any online service then it will give you an error because its ip will be dynamically changing and will be pinging back to forth.

What is Deep Web

So try Tor and share your experience with us by commenting below.

That’s all on what is deep web .

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