Hi guys today I am going to tell you what is backtrack 5 and what it can do. Backtrack is a Linux base operating system, which was designed by Jason Dennis. It is mostly used for penetration testing. BackTrack provides penetration testers a comprehensive collection of security related tools, support live cd and live usb and permanent installation also BackTrack provides Mozilla, Pidgin, K3B, XMMS .You can create personalized distributions by including customization scripts, additional tools and configurable kernels.

What is Backtrack 5

Means Backtrack is a really helpful tools for hackers. The main thing about this operating system is that you don’t need to install it in your system. It can run through its cd or from usb drive. And one more good thing that it is absolutely free, completely safe, secure, compatible with most of the systems.

Well it is used for many purposes but I onlye used it a few times for Pc password cracking and WiFi Hacking. But it’s just the beginning of this operating system.

what is backtrack

Now I said enough its time for you to try it out.

Download it from below link:


Now you have to burn it in a CD or create a bootable Pen Drive.

How to create a bootable pendrive.

After that just boot with it and run it without installing or if you want to install it that you can do that as well.

That’s all for What is Backtrack 5

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