What is alexa rank ?

What is alexa rank ?

Hi guys, I think you have ever heard of Alexa or the alexa rank if no then today I am going explain the correct working of Alexa Rankings via this post.

What is alexa rank ?

alexa rank Alexa Traffic Rank is traffic rank of a site. The traffic rank is based on 3 months of historical traffic data collected from the users of Alexa
Toolbar. Also combined with different traffic data source and page views. Alexa also counts the number of visitors and number of page views of all the sites for Alexa traffic rank. The main Alexa traffic rank is based on the data generated by this two sources. The change is determined by comparing the site’s current rank with its rank from 3 Months ago.

What is alexa toolbar ?

This is a free tool which you can download that allows you to measure your own traffic and rankings and check out your competitors ranking. How to download and install the Alexa tool bar is very simple. Go to Alexa.com/Toolbar Рthe page comes up with a large button that has an Alexa Extension from Google.

alexa rank

Google¬†Chrome ‚Äď if you use Google¬†Chrome then you just click the¬†large green button and it all¬†installs the extension direct¬†from Chrome.¬† If you use¬†Firefox or Internet Explorer¬†there are links on the left.¬†This tool bar then shows you¬†two rankings ‚Äď a rank for the¬†world and a rank for your¬†country.¬† This extention is¬†useful because it also gives you¬†a link for search analytics and¬†way back machine link to see¬†view past performances and¬†also the average load time, this¬†compare you to other sites to¬†see how fast your site is loading¬†right there on your toolbar.

For example, Alexa automatically conducts a search when you type in a keyword query and provides you with the same results as you would receive from other search engines. When you submit the keyword, you will get two options along with the search results. The first option will take you directly to the site. The second option will take you to automatically generated information about each of the search results site. You can find out such things about the listed result as a thumbnail picture of the home page, a short contents description, its average traffic volume, a review of the website, links to related sites, the beginning date of the web site’s online exposure, how popular the site is as evidenced by the number of incoming links to the site, and the name, address, phone number and email address of the owner.
Secondly, the Alexa toolbar allows you to view site information about the ownership without actually entering the site. It’s presented as a drop down menu from the Alexa toolbar. Next, Alexa presents a page ranking based on the number of visits to the website in question by those with Alexa tracking tools. This is the key point about this feature. It only tracks usage by Alexa users. It doesn’t include statistics from visitors who use browsers other than Internet Explorer, or those who
don‚Äôt have Windows installed as¬†their operating system. The ‚ÄėRelated¬†Links‚Äô category on the Alexa toolbar¬†provides you with links to other¬†web pages similar to the one in¬†which you are interested. This¬†feature also provides web sites¬†where you can go to get directory¬†type lists of the categories you‚Äôre¬†interested in.

That’s all from my side on alexa, if I miss anything then please leave it in the comments.

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