What’s up Guys today I am gonna tell you What are backlinks and how they affect SEO. Backlinks are very important when you are running a blog or a website. Backlinks represents your reputation and domain value in the world wide web. And if you just started a blog than its very important that you should also start  making backlinks. So lets start this article with the most basic question.

What is Backlinks and how they affect SEO ?

Backlinks can be defined as an incoming link from one website to another website. So how does this works for Search Engines ? Search Engine here we are taking the example of Google, search for how many backlinks from different domains you have. Now if you have large number of backlinks from good trusted website. Means many reputable website are pointing to your website, than Google will consider your blog or website as one of the trusted website as well. Also it will also increase your ranking in the search as it will believe that you have the most relevant answer to that query. But things aren’t done yet.

What is Backlinks and how they affect SEO

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For ranking in Google or to take the benefit of those backlinks, you must have backlinks from good and reputable sources. Means if you are getting backlinks from spammy and illegal sites then your Google ranking will be decrease and you will also heavily penalize by Google.

The backlinks chemistry is still not over yet, Google also keep tracks of how many backlinks are you having. Means lets take an example that you have 50 backlinks today, but tomorrow they got 1500 because you bought a backlinks package from a website. Now instead of getting higher in Google ranking, you will be vanished from Google because Google’s Penguin and Panda will heavily penalize you.

So what type of backlinks you should have :

  • high quality, relevant links freely given based on editorial judgment;

And what type of you shouldn’t have :

  • low quality, spammy, irrelevant links, links from untrustworthy sources or traded links.

Backlinks are also of two types :

Dofollow Backlinks :

These are those types of backlinks that have given a permission to the Search Engine to follow their trail and index the site to which they point. These type of backlinks are the one that work in your favor. Mostly website don’t provide these type of backlinks and if you are providing then stop now. These backlinks takes a special thing from the website they are situated which is called as “LINK JUICE” . The more amount of backlinks you have the more your page rank will increases. So it’s best to get as many dofollow link you can.

What is Backlinks and how they affect SEO

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[box type=”warning”] There is a special thing that you must keep in mind while creating backlinks. That is, the backlinks you are creating must matches your Niche or you will be penalized. Means if you are having Poetry blog than your backlinks must come from a literary type of blog rather than a techno blog.[/box]

Nofollow Backlinks :

These are those type of backlinks which do not provide a way to search engine to trail back to your site. Basically these type of backlinks don’t do a good job in SEO but they somehow manage you to get some more traffic and some more attention from search engines. They do not passes the “Link Juice” and hence from them there will be no change in the Page Rank as well. But they are also important as they will give you relevant traffic.

Elements of Backlinks :

  1. Hyperlink : As it gives a way to your website so the hyperlink used in the backlinks is an element of it.
  2. Anchor Text : It is the text that holds your backlinks. Means its just the text that is hiding the hyperlink in it.
  3. Domain Value : Search Engines such as Google provides a value to a domain. So higher the domain value higher will be the Search Engine Ranking.

The Do’s while creating Backlinks :

  1. Always tries to get backlinks from different sources with good respect. Google watches your number of backlinks and number of domains or IP they are coming from. So always try getting as many backlinks from different domains but keep in mind they must matches your niche, and they should have a good respect.
  2. Never use Anchor text such as “Read ME” or “Click Here for the download” etc. These anchor text may work in the past but if you use them now then you will be considered as a spam. And your backlinks will be removed.
  3. Never go on the BlackHat Seo method for creating backlinks. For example that today you have 68 backlinks but over the night it got 12,000 (because you bought backlinks from a site) then you will be heavily penalized by Google.

The Don’ts while Creating Backlinks :

  1. Never buy backlinks from any backlink farm or something like that. May be that methods works in the past but if Now you use it then Google’s Panda and Penguin will going to crush your site’s traffic.
  2. Don’t trust any Website or SEO company that said they will provide quality backlinks with good page rank. Always use your instinct while creating backlinks.
  3. Make sure all the external links on your site are NoFollow until you are having some good advantages from them.

A story about a website that removes its 1.7 Million Dofollow Backlinks :

QuickOnlineTips is a website that provide articles on Blogging and SEO. Now they guys loves wordpress so they created some themes and provided them free of cost for their reader. But that time it wasn’t necessary to make all the links NoFollow. And Google was not penalizing website that time. So they also provide a dofollow link at the footer of the theme, and that was a dofollow backlink. Now their themes were used by many good sites but also with many spammy websites as well. And those themes make their backlinks to a huge amount.

Now Google checks that why this website is having Millions backlinks from spammy websites. And there after QuickOnlineTips were heavily penalized by Google making their traffic drop to 20% of the original Traffic. After that they tested all the “Toxic Backlinks” they are having and removed them. So they removed almost 1.7 Million and yet they survived. You can read the full story from here.

You can also try our post on creating 2,500 backlinks without doing nothing. Don’t worry as these backlinks are not submit directory, blog comment, or spam, only “who is”, “about us”, “website statistic” site, like alexa or aboutus.org that will only ping those sites.

That’s all from me on what are backlinks and how they affect SEO.

If you got anything more than please comment below.

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