How to watch Netflix or Hulu when you live outside of America? This is the most common question I was encountering on the internet. Now if you search this term on Google you will find enormous results. I have used some of them, but they were not reliable.

Why I am saying this cause most of them need you to install some sort of software. Even if one of them allows you to watch Netflix or Hulu without installing that means you have to use their online proxy system. In that system, you didn’t get the proper system of your network and you also got the ads of the proxy network as well.

On one of the sites, which shows the way to watch. I discovered a method by which I can watch Hulu with installing a small extension to my chrome browser. That was great since I don’t have to do anything and I can watch Hulu easily. Then one day one of my friend from USA told me to watch a show on Netflix through his subscription. I tried to do that, but that will require installing an another extension.

I installed an another one as well, but still there is some problem. I can’t watch Netflix on my Android Phone since it doesn’t have that extension. So, What is the solution to this problem?

How to watch Netflix and Hulu Outside USA – UnoTelly Review:

Recently I stumbled upon a website named UnoTelly. This website offers a service that can remove the Geolocation restriction from accessing the sites like Netflix and Hulu.

I always says that “The first impression is the last impression” and the first look of UnoTelly was amazing. By looking at their website a thought came to my mind that maybe this is the thing that can solve my problem.

I thought of giving it a Test Drive by making an account on UnoTelly. You can also make one and its free for 8 days and doesn’t require a credit card to register.

After trying it for more than a week, I can say that it is awesome.

How to watch Netflix and Hulu Outside USA – But Why use UnoTelly for that?

There are many reasons to choose UnoTelly. So, I am writing some of them here in the UnoTelly Review:

1. Easy Installation

This is the most basic requirement for a service we want. As I told you above I don’t like adding any unwanted or some proxy software on my PC. Even if I do that I can only have that service on my PC.

If I want to use the same service to my Android Device then I need an another app. If I want to use it on my iPad then again I need an another app.

That is not the case of UnoTelly. Since it doesn’t require to install any other software or anything else. In the case of UnoTelly you just have to alter your DNS with the UnoDNS settings.

That means you have to change some numbers and you are good to go. Now if you don’t know how to do that as well, then UnoTelly provide a tutorial for more than 60 devices on how to change the settings.

2. Can be used by many devices simultaneously.

I am using a common D-Link router for my home and if you are like me then it will be a very easy installation for you. Now you just have to change the settings of your D-Link router or any other router’s DNS settings. After that, any devices connected to that router or comes on the same network will have the UnoTelly service enabled.

That means if I am watching a show on Netflix and my brother wants to see some cartoon on Hulu then we both can do that parallelly. I mean I can watch the movie on my Android Phone and my brother can watch the cartoon on the computer.

The best thing is I don’t have to change the DNS on any device. If a device gets connected to my router it will automatically get the UnoTelly Service as well.

3. Also has the VPN feature UnoVPN

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. Now let me explain you what it is, from Virtual we get that it is not real. From Private, we get that it doesn’t allow sharing your private information. And Network is a set of computer linked together.

That means when you use UnoVPN no website will ever get to know what is your IP address. It means you will get complete privacy from all the sites you access.

Now there is a difference between UnoDNS and UnoVPN. UnoDNS will get activated when you visit a Geo restricted site. But UnoVPN will always remain active and will hide your IP from all the sites you visit.

4. Choose which region of a service you want to see

Netflix is available in many countries such as USA, Canada etc. Now Netflix provides different programs to different countries. That means if a program or a show is available on USA that doesn’t mean that it will also be available in Canada as well.

To remove those restrictions, UnoTelly have some other feature as well. Dynamo is the tool of UnoTelly that lets you set your region. For example, I live in Canada and I want to watch the Netflix of USA for that I just have to go to the Dynamo and settings and have to put the region as USA.

This is a great thing because it will let users watch different programs available in different countries.

5. Why Settle For Less

With UnoTelly I am getting Netflix, I am getting Hulu, I am even getting Spotify, but all these things are also provided by many other VPN providers as well.

Is the above thing also came to your mind as well? If yes, then let me tell you the most awesome feature of UnoTelly. It will let you have more than 340 such websites or channel to watch. You can also check out the complete list of channels at UnoTelly as well.

You know I am a great fan of WWE and I wants to watch the shows from WWE networks as well. In November 2014 WWE gave the free membership for a month to their new subscriber. When I got the news, I also went to their site and registered for the free month account. But all thanks to Geo Restrictions, I couldn’t watch the single clip on their network.

Now the things are changed and I have UnoTelly and WWE is in the list of UnoTelly as well. I also read somewhere that WWE is also giving February 2015 subscriptions for free to their new subscriber. So if you are also a fan of WWE then visit UnoTelly and register your free account and register on WWE and watch the show.

So, right now they have 341 channels but you also have the option to put a request for unlocking more channels. That means you will get what you want even if that’s not currently available.

How to watch Netflix and Hulu Outside USA - UnoTelly Review

Pricing Of UnoTelly: UnoTelly Review

UnoTelly is available in two types of plans. The first one is Premium Plan and the other one is Gold Plan. There is a very small difference between their pricing.

In Gold Plan, you will get all the features of Premium Plan and you will also get the power of UnoVPN as well. So,  I will recommend using Gold plan but if you don’t have a need for it then you may go for the premium plan as well.

UnoTelly is also giving an 8-day free trial and you don’t need a credit card for that. So register your free account now and test UnoTelly yourself.

How to watch Netflix and Hulu Outside USA - UnoTelly Review

I guess now you know How to watch Netflix and Hulu outside USA.

That’s all on UnoTelly Review, try yourself and send me your experience.

I have also prepared a infographic on UnoTelly have a look at that as well.

UnoTelly Review

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