Hi Guys, today I got my products from Van Heusen (MyFit), so let me tell you more about the MyFit From Van Heusen

I always end up in those clothes which don’t fit my size or I don’t like the color or the cloth. I am also very lazy so I don’t like to visit the shops and want to get my perfect clothes at my home.

This was a great problem for me, but this problem was solved by Trendin. Trendin brought the Van Heusen MyFit apparel to its website. One thing I want to say that this is great.

Most of the time, I was making a compromise with the clothes I buy. Since they don’t fit me well. I always end up in some fed-up clothes. I tried some of the major brands, but none of them fill my needs.

Then I heard about Van Heusen MyFit. I think the name is just too catchy, since after reading that it got my full attention.

I heard about them from an article on the Internet. I was a little surprised when I know about the procedure. That thing caught my eye, and I thought of giving it a try.

Well, hear my shopping experience. With them, I am sure that you will love them as well.

After ordering a pair of a trousers and a shirt, all I can say that you must buy your clothes from this place only.

I am writing some qualities of MyFit that will support my answer:

When Targetting the shirts.

There is a large variety of shapes and sizes are available for shirts. For example, you can have slim, tall, athletic and many more. So that means you can choose the shirt according to your body size. Like for me I go for the slim look and you can have whatever you want.

MyFit by Van Heusen

There will be a virtual shirt image on the right side of the browser. Which will show you how is the shirt will be looked like when it gets ready.

There is a big range of beautiful colors and quality clothes are available for MyFit. The variety of colors is so great that I was able to find my type of pink color here, which I was unable to find in regular shops. The color I needed was truly awesome since I saw “Dexter (Michael C. Hall)” wearing it. All thanks to MyFit now I have that type of shirt.

The Fabric provided for the MyFit are also totally awesome. There are more than 30 types of fabrics are available. You can choose whichever you want. The cost of your shirt will be decided here. There will be a price tag on each fabric and that will be the final price of your shirt. That means all the customization you want will be for free.

MyFit by Van Heusen

It also gave you an option to get either full sleeves or half sleeves, that means more customizability.

They have also solved the sleeve problem. This was a problem that is coming with every shirt I bought. My size is 40 but with that size I always end up in long sleeves. MyFit from Van Heusen has solved this problem. Now you can have the option to cut yours sleeve length by 1 inch or can increase its length by 1 inch.

The other good things about this are you can have the option of your collar type. That means you can have half cut away collars or the mandarin type collars. Also for the sleeves you get to choose from chisel and double type. That means you can have your perfect fit shirt.

When Going For the Trousers

Mostly, I don’t like the trousers cause they come with a regular fit style. But MyFit has something different to say here. In MyFit, you will get  a choice from 4 styles, which includes snug fit, slim fit, and some others. With that, I can guarantee one thing that those trousers will definitely a good look on you.

MyFit by Van Heusen

The body type style is just the beginning, there are several other features which will interest you more. MyFit also give you an option to choose from Flat Front and Pleated. Don’t know about you, but I like the flat front and they are hard to find. That means you can have your type of trouser.

For the colors and Fabric, it has a large number of elements to choose from. Here you can select from an enormous range of Cottons cloth, Formals, and Premium Formals. They are also available in a good variety of colors and looks good as well. There will be a screen in the right sidebar showing a trouser which will show you how the trouser will look like when completed. So, you can check that as well to choose your perfect color and fabric.

MyFit by Van Heusen

In the last there will be an option to choose the length. That means you can tell them the perfect length you want to get the perfect look. If you are like me then maybe you don’t know your length. Don’t worry about that as well, since MyFit has taken care of that problem.  After receiving the product, you can go to their any nearby shop and have it altered for free. That means the tailor can get take the measurement and will do the work for you free.

This is not the case of every store we found. Let me tell you my previous experience, I went to a very famous brand store. I told them I would need a trouser.

They show me some of the trousers. Since those trousers has a greater length I needed. So, that means the trousers needed an altering.

Now, instead of providing me that service for free the charged me for doing that also told me that I have to wait 1 hour outside the store.

Please Note: MyFit is not a made-to-measure solution. It just have some special customization that makes it better.

I definitely recommend you MyFit from Van Heusen and if you don’t believe me then why don’t you try it yourself from this link.

That’s all on MyFit by Van Heusen.


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