Last night me and my family were thinking about our next holiday destination. Just in a moment I got a mail from IndiBlogger saying something about Melbourne. This just reminds me one of my friend who visited the Melbourne. After he returned he babbled about that place for almost a month. So I took some research and I find out it is quite a good place.

I told my father that this should be our next holiday destination. To which my father said why? Now answering them about this question wasn’t an easy task for me. But then I called my friend and he give me some solid points which make my father say YES.

Why Should You Visit Melbourne?

1. Melbourne is voted as the most liveable city in the world. Now there are some facts about that. It has an optimum population density, it has great facilities and infrastructure. Living condition are also very well in this city and has only living of 4 million people which is low for a city like this. So having all these things do make it great. I also wanna see what is good in it which makes it the most liveable city in the world.

2. It also has a great food culture and can give our taste bud a good feeling. I have seen the Masterchef Australia and with that I know that the chefs are ultra awesome. With their own tradition they also have a flavour of China, France due to the and some others. Eating is one of the best things I like and for an eating adventure I can go anywhere. So that means if you are also fond of eating you can also try Melbourne as well.

3. It’s a great place to buy gifts. My mother and sister are completely shopaholic and if you want to shop then Melbourne is the solution. In Melbourne, you can find great deals as well as the great brands. Melbourne also has many factory outlets which can be the great deal for bargain hunters. With all these great deals and all the great brands, the shopping will be great.

4. The locomotion in Melbourne is very easy. This one of the issue which I have to face every time. Unlike my family, I spent most of my time sitting on a computer. So for me a small walk also feels like I am climbing a mountain. But thanks to their effective locomotion system that problem could be solved. They have an abundance of train and buses with that the routes are very good. Plus they don’t have a traffic jam like here.

5. Melbourne is the city of fashion and art. My father likes arts and paintings and other such things. So this place can be suitable for them, but I like fashion and you know models. So that can work for me as well. Melbourne has known for its art galleries, museum and exhibition which should make my father a little busy. Other than that Melbourne is also known as the fashion city as well. Melbourne also hosts two major fashion show every year.

So with all that info I think everyone will agree with me and I will soon be going to Melbourne.

But if you wanna know more about the places in Melbourne then go there and you will find lots of videos about the feature of Melbourne. I am also embedding one of the videos as well.

One more thing before I will say Good Bye. Do you want to win a Rs. 500 gift voucher. If yes then answer the below question in the comments :

Ques : Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?

So that’s enough for today and Happy new year !!

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