The market place for digital services has grown considerably competitive over the years. This has encouraged a number of the more pronounced companies to reduce the price of messaging and voice services in order to remain competitive. Most of these operators try to stay ahead of the market by providing packages that offers a flat rate that is geared to either getting new customers or keeping the current ones. The result of these plans is sometimes unfavorable for businesses as naturally, there is more usage on their message systems event though they are registering lower profit per text message.

This has caused these operators to invest in new VAS (Value Added Service) strategies. the reality is that most modern day subscriber would rather a plan that is high priced and full of all the necessities than a low priced data only plan.

The traditional voice calls services and message services or sending info via an sms gateway still remain profitable but this unfortunately takes away that profitability because of the increased usage. Network operators are faced with the task of lowering the cost of operation of their existing voice and messaging services while still being able to remain reliable.

Examples of Value Added Services


Voicemail services bring a significant a refreshing addition to voice services. While it is only a VAS it definitely plays a significant role in the daily communication process. Voicemail makes it easy to keep up with voice calls that you might have otherwise missed. Voicemail messages have grown past just the caller leaving a message when they are prompted to and no have additional services that makes it more users friendly. Nowadays, voicemail messaging services are more personalized for all parties involved. These services have added on features such as web care so that there is no need to contact anyone whenever there are issues with your messaging services. You also have the option to utilize video mail which is just a way of leaving a video message if the caller is prompted to leave the message.


SMS refers to a scalable messaging solution that comes with enhanced management tools and is also high performance. SMSC offers users a solid platform with a number of valuable le adds on services. These features allow network operators to take advantage of the market in a wide variety of ways. These include, security features such as anti-spam, MT interception, and also first delivery attempt.

New forms of SMSC are designed with a more futuristic intent so that any demands for person to person as well as application to person SMS that occurs in the future is met.


Multi Media Message Center value added services addresses certain areas of the market that might be problematic. These services offers a robust and well thought out option that gives subscribers an advanced user experience. Core standards are adhered to with reliable message service that allows for smooth message delivery with a platform that supports future growth.

Call Completion/Call Management

Maximize the potential revenue that could be derived from uncompleted calls. Call completion or call management services provide subscribers with valuable information and call management options that are geared towards a more informative and reliable service that is geared towards improved user experience and more call completion. This service prompts increased revenue from calls that would have otherwise last longer or calls that were not complete. These add-ons include reconnection services for calls that were dropped and notification for the user when a call has been missed. These features increase user satisfaction and also increase overall revenue.

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