Nature provides us many great things. We always say that natural things are always good for our body. Well, that’s a true fact since it does not bring harm to our body and make us better.

Most of us only trust on natural things, but when it comes to our face and looks, we go for the cosmetics. Cosmetics products only gave us a freshness from outside and they are trustworthy.

There are lots of natural things which we use to clean our face and skin. These natural things will also make us look prettier and they are cheaper too.

So, here I am telling you those natural secrets and they are:

1. Raw honey is a great thing which can provide nourishment to our skin. It has a naturally occurring antibacterial chemical which will give you a soft and beautiful skin very quickly. If you will use it for once a week then you will get beautiful skin. For this process, do not use those products which contain honey, instead of that buy real honey. You have to use a tablespoon of Raw Honey, once a week. Spread it over your face and use it as a mask. After putting the honey mask for 5 minutes, wash your face with fresh water. You can see changes in 2-3 weeks.

2. Olive oil and sea salt can make a great scrub for your skin. Just mix them in the ratio of 2:1. After that, you can use it for scrubbing on your body.

The main function performed by Olive Oil and sea salt is to remove dead skin cells from your body. With that, you get a beautiful and softer skin.

The best part of this trick is, it is very cheaper. To get the same amount of treatment from other body scrubs, you may have to spend around thrice the money.

3. Grapes which is my favorite fruit. It is also a great natural product for your skin. Grapes can be used in many ways. One of the best things of Grapes is, they don’t have peels and they do not have seeds, These qualities make grapes so much useful. More to that, grapes are easily available at any place in the world.

So, cut some slices of grapes and put them on your face. Grapes has a feature that provide extensive freshness to your face. It will also remove dead skin cells and clear pimples and other impurities from your face.

4. Black tea extract is a wonderful natural ingredient to clean your skin and protect you from sunlight. Yes, you heard me right. It protects you from getting darker skin tone due to sunlight. It is also easily available in any part of the world. More to that, it is cheaper than other cosmetic products.

Studies show that if you moisturize your skin with black tea extracts then it will protect you from harmful Ultra Violet radiation of the Sun. It will also prevent the sunburn hence making you prettier.

VICCO Turmeric Cream is also use the natural ingredient. Have a look at its video below.

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