As you know the valentine day is here and since I am a complete geek, I don’t think that I will get a valentine. Actually who needs a valentine when you have Asus Zenfone with you. All I can say about it is, that it is awesome and a perfect valentine.

If you are thinking that why I am choosing this to be my valentine then I have the answers.

My 5 reasons for Asus Zenfone to be my perfect valentine.

1. These days the price of the smartphones are too high. You can not get a good smartphone in small budget. That means to buy the phone you have to save money and cut your expenses to a lot.

But all thanks to Asus Zenfone I am not getting into that situation. Asus Zenfone fits perfectly into my budget. I do not have to cut my expenses a lot. I still can do all the shopping and watch movies and do all other stuff. Still I am getting the Asus Zenfone and can do all other stuff as well.

2. Now the big screen phone is in demand. Everyone wants a smartphone that can run HD movies. So for a good phone, it should have a big screen and an HD playable capacity. All those things are coming into good phones and I am getting all those things in my Asus Zenfone as well.

It will give you a brighter, HD display. In which I can watch the movies on valentine.

3. Everyone wants a good looking phone. For that, your phone must come with some extra accessories. That is a great problem since many phones don’t support a lot of accessories.

But I don’t have to worry about that since my Asus Zenfone comes with lots of great accessories. So from that I can make my phone looks better and it will also match with my shirt color.

4. If a phone falls then there would be a chance that it will break. That fear of breaking the phone is too much for me. So, I have to keep my phone with very much care. This is a great problem for every smartphone owner but not for me.

I can use the bumper case for my Asus Zenfone to make it more secure. Now if my phone falls then I will not get a heart attack since I will know that it is secured.

5. Everyone wants a phone that has a good camera quality. Now this quality comes on high priced phone which we I can’t easily afford.

But all thanks to Asus Zenfone I am getting a superior picture quality and a good camera. From that, I can easily capture my loving moment of the day. That will make valentine better since I will be capturing lovely moments with my Asus Zenfone.

So these are all the reasons for Asus Zenfone to be my perfect valentine.

This is my #UnconditionalLove with Asus Zenfone.

Rohit Sharma
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