Today I am talking about Twitter, yes the most favorite social network after Facebook.  Recently Twitter has came up with a new thing. That is now you can embed a Tweet into your tweet.

That is a great news because Twitter was previously known as a social network in which you can only use only 140 characters messages which is known as Tweets.

But in recent years, Twitter has came up with many new and exciting things. Such as embedding images, embedding  videos. And not so long ago Twitter also came up with twitter cards, yes the same as Facebook open graph.

So by that if you embed a link in your tweet it will also show a picture from that post as well.

Twitter – Embedding Tweet

With the embedding tweet feature, the things has got some better. This thing first came up in twitter mobile application, may be because most of the Twitter user, uses twitter from their mobiles.

Embedding tweet is very easy, you just have to paste the link of the tweet to get that embed and TaDa. The tweet is now embeded, as you can see below where I have embedded a tweet of Nandita Thakur.

Twitter - Now Embed Tweets in your Tweets


Currently this is the only method by which you can embed a tweet. That is by copying the tweet link manually and pasting it into your Tweet. May be after some time Twitter will bring some more things to it. But right we have to settle with only this.

But don’t forget the limit for a tweet is still exist. There comes the best part of it. Embedding a tweet is only occupy the same space as occupied by a small link. So even after embedding a tweet you will still have approximately 100 character left.

Another great part of Embedding the Tweet is the person whose tweet has been embedded will also receive a notification for that. That means it will help in growing your presence and your relation with the person.

Although there is a thing to notice, as you can see above I have pasted the screen shot of the tweet instead of embedding that on this page. Well this is because it won’t be working when you embed a tweeter link, which already have a embedded tweet link into your website. It will be seen like below, as you can see we can clearly see the link and still feels like a simple tweet.

I think that Twitter will take care of that thing in the future.

Twitter – What if this is the future of ReTweeting ?

Well if it is then I will be more happy to see this things used by everyone. And if you want more fun then try embedding a tweet which already having a embedded tweet making it a chain reaction(That’s what I like to call this) and making notification for everyone. Isn’t that great ?

That’s all on Twitter’s new update

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