Hi guys, Today I am writing about the Top 5 Free SEO Plugins For WordPress I am guessing you are all right cause I got just well. So let me come to the point do you all think SEO is necessary. Well I took this question as a survey and asked other bloggers the same question. And as usual most of them said yes. But on my surprise 45%  of them were not following the SEO guidelines.

So I thought of writing this post, and this is about the Top 5 Free SEO plugins for WordPress. They are all free and all of them are Best SEO Plugin.

SEO or we can say Search Engine Optimization is a process in which we optimize our pages such that they appear upper in the Search engine rankings.

So why wee need it ? the answer is most obvious one which is to bring traffic.  Well there certainly are other methods to bring traffic as well such as from social networks. But they required to be updated by you regularly. That means they can stop giving you traffic once you put your self on the hold.

But on the other hand SEO will provide you traffic regularly. May be its effect will come down but that would be if you didn’t update your blog for a long time, or some one got upper ranking than you, or you hit by any Google Algorithm.

Well according to me personal blogs do not need SEO. But other professional blog need this a lot. For personal blogs, I think that they should concentrate on Social networking sites to build up traffic. Since most of their post can’t be SEO optimized.

Top 5 Free SEO Plugins For WordPress

1. SEO By Yoast

Top 5 Free SEO Plugins For WordPress - Yoast

I think this is the mostly used SEO plugin and this does not need an introduction. When I started blogging using WordPress, Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin was the first plugin I installed. It has over 13 Million Downloads and have an average rating of 4.7. It is created by Joost De Walk which is a SEO specialist as well as an awesome plugin developer.

It creates Meta- titles and Meta-Description for the post. These are the things that are read by Search Engines. It optimize our post for the focused keyword and it also give us the idea of the focussed keywords. With the automatic function, it also give you the custom boxes to add your type of meta title and description. After that it will automatically check for the keyword density and according to that, tell your SEO score.

You can also check for the complete on page analysis using the SEO by Yoast, because it has an integration of Linkdex. So making your work a lot easier and making your post a more SEO friendly.

Another feature of it is, it take complete control of the social SEO and apply all the requirements things to our post. Such as Facebook open graph and Google Open graph so that a snippet is appear on Facebook and Google plus.

It can also be used to apply Twitter card to your post. How ever I have tried a lot of times and still can’t figured that out. So if you are also having a problem.in applying the Twitter cards then follow this post.

It can also be helped to get the Google Authorship although Google has ended it. But still it is one of its major functions. With that there are several other things that Yoast can do.

It can provide SEO for the author page as well. That means you can define Meta-titles and Meta-Description for the author page as well.

One of the best thing I like about this tool is the integration of Flesch Reading Ease through which you can find out whether your post is written in a good style or not. That means if your article is in a bad format then you can optimize it and then can increase your readership.

Its features didn’t end up here, using this plugin you can also set noFollow to some of your pages. It can be used to generate sitemaps as well as Breadcrumbs and it also give you an option to add “rel=canonical” to defend your self from Search Engine Penalty.

So far we have discussed its lots of features and it is also used by some of the most famous websites such as Mashable, The Next Web and some others. All these things making it as the ultimate SEO plugin.

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2. All In One SEO

Top 5 Free SEO Plugins For WordPress - All in One SEO

I heard about it from a famous blogger (whose name I have forgotten 🙂 ). He has written in his blog that this is the plugin you need if you don’t know anything about SEO. I tried it and find out he saying the absolute right thing.

This plugin is also free and have an average rating of 3.7. I don’t think you haven’t heard of its name but if you really don’t then you should try that once. The thing which separate it from similar plugins is that it has extended its working from simple blogs to magazine and eCommerce sites made on WordPress.

This plugin is created by Michael Torbert who is a developer, blogger, an SEO expert and also have a steady hand on business. He also provide a premium version of this plugin which have some more functions.

If we talk about its function then as I mentioned above it is best for those bloggers which do not care about SEO or don’t know about SEO. Thanks to All In One SEO all the meta-tags such as meta-titles and meta-description will be automatically created. It will also optimize your articles heading and will make them good for SEO. It also has a feature to add alternate tags to those images in your post which do not have any tags.

As I mentioned above it can also be used on eCommerce site due to its extended support for them. Thanks to All in one SEO you can also avoid Panda Penalty, as it will check for your blog for any copied content. So this is a perfect SEO Plugin for Blogger.

I love this plugin but a misfortune was happened with this plugin. As Sucuri stated that a vulnerability was found in All in SEO pack. After that it was stated in the latest version all the vulnerability was removed.

For more info about that : Read Marc-Alexandre Montpas report on Sucuri Blog

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3. WP Social SEO

Top 5 Free SEO Plugins For WordPress - Wp Social

As the name suggest it will increase your SEO by optimizing your blogs social stats. As Google and some other Search Engine has mentioned that they will take social signals as a factor to rank the search results. So to get good results you must have good Social Signals and that’s where it will come to use.

It can take all the Social matter into his own hands and do all the works. Such as it can be used to add social sharing button, and it will also be used to add Facebook Open Graph Data. Wp Social is also used to add Twitter meta data or Twitter cards into your pages. It was also used to add Google Authorship but since it is ended there is no point of explaining that.

Other than the above mentioned functions it will also add rich snippets into your data. After some initial settings it will automatically add the Facebook Open Graph Data and Twitter cards as well. It will even add the “itemprop” tags to your posts. With this your post will  become more Google Plus Friendly.

More to its features it can also be used with the other SEO plugins such as Yoast and All In One SEO.

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4. Squirrly SEO

Top 5 Free SEO Plugins For WordPress - Squirrel SEO

Squirrly SEO is a great plugin for SEO, having a download count of greater than 600K and an average rating of 4.2. This tool will optimize your content and as well as measure its success, making it a bit more handy. So it will be helping you to write content in a good manner as well as helping search engines to find your written content easily.

It gives you SEO related ideas when you are typing your content. That means it is correcting you at the working stage. It can also be used on eCommerce Websites to generate more traffic and bring more sells.

Its keyword analysis algorithm finds the appropriate keyword for your article so that it can be easily optimized and save your time there. It gives you the headline suggestion that you can use.

You can also analyze a single article and see how it is improved over the time. It gives you the idea on what to add into your content to make it more SEO friendlier. It also provide you the option to use Copyright Free Images.

But it is not completely free, Its a freemium plugin. That means if you post an article in once a week then it would work fine. But if your posting efficiency is greater than that, then may be you need its Pro Plan.

Neil Patel, the Co-founder of Kissmetrics and The Crazy Egg also recommend this for SEO Optimization. You can read his complete post here.

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5. SEO Ultimate

Top 5 Free SEO Plugins For WordPress - SEO Ultimate

This is also a great tool for SEO having more than 1.5 Million downloads and an average ratings of 4.2 making it an awesome plugin for on page optimization. For its features, well there is a long list but I will write some of them.

It has a function of Title Tag Rewriter which will help you in rewriting your title tags for particular posts and pages. With that you can also change the Meta-Tag and write your own description in them.

It has a very unique feature named as Deeplink Juggernaut which will find the appropriate internal links which can be of posts, pages etc. You can also apply noFollow attributes with this very easily. And one of the best thing about this is, it will also put a link to the post which is in draft. Now whenever you publish that draft post, the link will automatically enabled it self.

It has the open graph generator and has the ability to add rich snippet to your posts. With this you can easily add “rel=canonical” tag to your posts so that you can avoid copy penalty from Search Engines.

It monitors the “404” errors and find out which URL is giving this error or if that is receiving more hits. You can also export all of your setting to an “XML” file and those setting can be imported afterwards just to save your time.

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So that’s all on the list for Top 5 Free SEO plugins for WordPress.

I am guessing you are using one of them, and if you don’t why don’t you try them out.

So, Tell me in the comments which one of the Top 5 Free SEO plugins for WordPress are you using.

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