Hello Guys, Today I am starting my favorite part of series which is a set of creepy stories. Now, there won’t be any technical things in here, so this post is totally fiction.

So the stories, starts with a man named John. John is a student who came to a new city for his education. He is good at studies, not too good but good enough to clear the examination easily.

Now, John really likes to explore this new city because he did not visit any good place any often. So, one night John thought of going out and to check some another restaurant for food.

He usually keeps his phone with him and since he is new to the city, he always depends on his phone’s navigation system. That night too, he thought that he just go out and search for a new restaurant and after that he will come home with the help of the navigation system.

He did not realize that he came too far from his apartment. He was in a completely isolated place and there was no one who can tell him anything. Luckily, he found a restaurant there and the name of the restaurant was “Hell’s Gate”.

He came there and was surprised because that restaurant was very good from inside. There were many people there, he thought that the food there would be very costly but it turns out the food was there was free.

He was very pleased by that. He took out his phone to look where he is now, but he found that the navigation was not working as there was no signal there.

After that, he ordered a soup and a very cute and beautiful waitress took the order. After 5 minutes the waitress came back and gave him his soup. The soup was very good in terms of looking and it was greatly decorated. John took out his phone to take a picture of the food and then to post it on to the Instagram.

He took a picture but find out that in the picture it was showing some fires instead of soup. He thought that there is some problem in his phone and kept the phone inside his pocket. He starts eating the soup and realize there was something unusual with the soup. Then a person came to him and asked for the payment.

John said that it is written there the food is free. To that, the person replied that it is free for only registered member and since you have ate the soup, you have to become the registered member as well. To which John said in positive and inquired what is the fee.

The person said the fee is “Your Soul“. Then suddenly fire starts emerging from all of the place. John looked back at the people and saw that they have become skeletons and demons. He then saw his food which was composed of human blood and certain human parts such as a human eye was floating in there.

He tried to rush through the door but those demons caught him. Then the whole place vanished and John became a part of the Hell. All thanks to wrong Navigation.

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