There was a time, when I came across different paths. All I have to do is choose, but I always prefer what other chose for me.

So, I am going to tell you a similar incident from the past. This is the incident, I took the bold move and changed my life. What I am right now is all because of that decision.

This incident happened 6 years ago. I belong to a poor family and my family didn’t have the luxury like others had.

I was studying in XIIth standard with Science stream. I was one of the brightest students of the schools. Even the Principal praised me that time. That time all I wanted was, to take the admission in a good college and become an engineer.

I was preparing myself for the entrance exams of all the major universities. I was trying to get admission in Govt. college, so that the fees would be less there. I was thinking that, I would get selected but my
parents had different plans for me.

At that time, my uncle was working in the Post Office. My whole family thought that, Govt. jobs are rare and precious. So, they all forced me to join Post Office after completing my school.

My uncle and my parents forced me too much. So, I told them that, I would give the entrance exam to become Post Man. They convinced me to do something that I didn’t like.

After some days, I gave the exam in the hope of that I would fail this exam. After three weeks, the results were announced for the post of Post Man. Out of seven hundred people, 50 were selected and my name also came in that 50 people list.

My parents got so happy. This news was spreading and at the end of that day, almost all the relatives knew that I would become a Post Man.

While my parents were happy, I was in a state of depression. All I was thinking that, what would happen to my dream now?

Even the thought of delivering the letters was driving me crazy. I always had the dream that one day I would work for a multinational IT company. But now I would be working in the Post Office.

That night a thought came in my mind. I thought that this is my life and I should be the one who will decide my fate.

The next day I told my parents that I did not want to do this job. They told me that I have to do that, I didn’t have any other choice. The next day, I went to the Post Office and gave an application saying that I did not want this job.

My parents got furious after hearing, what have I done. But after some time, they understood that I don’t belong to post office.

Currently, I am a software engineer and I am working for a multinational company. If I didn’t make that bold move that time, then my life will be a lot different. But I am happy that I did that.

Like me, Housing also like to take a bold move. So, check them out and watch their video from below as well.


Rohit Sharma
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Rohit Sharma


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