I think that people are forgetting what does it mean to be together. I think that people are becoming a less social. Well, we all know the reason behind that and that is “Technology”.

Now, we can do everything while sitting in front of our computer or even with our smartphone. But, we are also forgetting the human touch and exchange of emotions.

The digital world is cutting us from the real world. I personally think that, now we should break those chains.

Currently, I have many friends on Facebook and a lot more on Twitter. But, still I feel lonely. There is no one who can walk with me. So, basically we need a human touch. I mean this is the thing which keep us going.

But, how can we achieve that? That’s a really difficult question because no one wants to face the real world.

There is something which can help us in getting back together. And that thing is nature. Yes, I know you are also thinking that nature can help us in getting back together.

Well, for that I have a very special story. When, I was a child, my grandmother used to take me to a park. At that time, I was very shy and I did not have any friends. But, whenever I went to the park, I felt a very good vibe.

There, I made so many friends and started to play with them. So, because of nature I got some friends. After that, I regularly visited the park and made many new friends.

Yesterday, I went to the park again. In the evening, I found so many people. They were laughing, they were talking and no one was using their phone. They were roaming around the flowers and were sitting on the grass instead of benches. This thing made me realize that every person crave the nature’s beauty and that is how we can get together.

All the persons, came from different houses and still reacts as they are families. So, everyone forgets about their issues, their problems and get a refreshed mind. That is how, they make new friends and meet new people. More to that, that is how people can strengthen their previous connection as well.

For example, John is a very good husband and he is the father of Max. John works for a Multi National Company and hence does not get enough time to get along with his son. Seeing that, her wife told her to roam the garden every night with his son. By doing that, John also gets a refreshed mind and now he is closer to his son Max.

We often said that nature works in mysterious ways. Maybe this is all natures doing. I mean, nature is the one who gives us the fresh mind to think clearly and to express our emotions.

I think many of you will be, with me on this supposition. By supposition, I mean that nature is the one who can bring us together.

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And have a look at their video as well.


Rohit Sharma
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Rohit Sharma


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