Social media is giving us new possibilities every day. For example First, it was very difficult to get the traffic for websites which are not performing well in SEO. But, now they get their traffic from social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Still, there are many problems we have to face in fetching the traffic. Like you have to what is currently trending, who are your good influencer, who are your loyal followers and many other things.
In simple terms, Social media sites are like a big piece of ground. Beneath that ground, there is a pile of gold. So, you want that gold and you start digging but you must know where you have to dig.
To manage all those problems, I am giving you a unique tool and it is ThoughtBuzz. It is one of the best best social media tools available on Internet.

What can ThoughtBuzz do?

I have seen many different types of social tools, but there was a thing which you will notice very quickly. The UI/UX design of ThoughtBuzz is very good. The navigation and the details of the social accounts are provided in a very detailed manner. They also have a different tab for a different account and integrating an account is very easy in ThoughtBuzz.
ThoughtBuzz 3
It gave you the option to integrate all of your social profiles. It also has the option to integrate Instagram, which is not supported by most of the social media analytics Tool available on The internet.
With that, it is very easy to get a detail report of your social accounts. You can check who are your loyal followers, who are the most influential people in your network and some other things.
ThoughtBuzz 2
It gave you the option to check for Global trends among Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. As I said Above, most of the online tools are not offering anything for Instagram, but ThoughtBuzz is giving information on that as well.
For Twitter and YouTube, you will get the option to filter the trends according to your country or your city. It can be a great way to achieve more traffic and revenue.
It also gives you a detailed report on your statistics. For example, it will tell you how many more followers have you gained, how many mentions and retweets have happened and lots of other things.
So, the features of ThoughBuzz Are:
  • They have a multilanguage support
  • Have an option for free account
  • Give you trends information, according to your needs
  • Responsive, can be easily viewed on mobile and tablets
  • Can help you in lead generation
  • Help in finding good influencer
  • Has the integration of Instagram
  • Supports all the social accounts including Instagram and Linkedin
  • They have a real time tracking
  • You can create your own custom interface

The list will go on. I mean the possibilities are endless. It is a great social media monitoring tool. You can gain so much knowledge about your social accounts and it will bring you a lot of perks.

As ThoughtBuzz also offers a free account, So I must advise you to go to ThoughtBuzz and check out yourself.

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