Hello guys, continuing my series of creepy stories. Here is another, so the written things here are completely fictional.

So this story starts with a person who was not into religious or tribal activities. He was an atheist and does not believes in God and other religious activities. His name was Michael Lesner family and he was the eldest among his five brothers.

Other members of Lesner family was not like that. They do believe in God and do all kinds of worship such as going to Church and things like that.

One day his father came home from work. He said that, he just got promoted because of its work. And his work was so good that his boss has granted him a week off.

His father said that they are going to a place in a certain city to celebrate these holidays. The city was very good and there were lots of tourist there. As a special attraction of the city, this city has a very popular shrine.

Most of the people who visits the city also visits the shrine. So Lesnar family also thought of visiting the shrine. There they saw a the shrine and people were dancing around it. It was a peppy dance and Michael finds it very funny.

He started laughing after seeing the peppy dance. Then a person came near to them and request them to not to laugh. He told them to follow the tradition and do the dance as well. He warned them that if the disrespect the shrine then the shrine will curse you.

All the members of Lesnar family got terrified and started doing the dance except Michael. He said that he did not believe in such childish stories. The priest warned him again and told him that something wrong will happened with him if he did not do the peppy dance.

He replied in negative and left that place. He came back into his room and thought of eating something. He went out and picked some items to eat. He paid in cash and got the change.

Now, when he was coming he started hearing some odd sounds. Those sounds were of metals. He thought that he is being followed, but there was no one behind him. He ran to his room and still the sound followed him.

He was sweating and his heart was pumping very hard. His mind was absolutely blank and he did not know what to do. Then he realize that there was something in his pocket. It was the change which he got from the shop.

Then he got relaxed and thought it was just the coin. He became too much sweaty and thought of taking a bath. After that he came to look in the mirror. He was starting to get dressed, suddenly a dark thing appeared in the mirror.

He did not know what was it. Then that thing attacked him with a knife and soon Michael was dead. So kids, never disrespect any shrine or tradition.

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