Every thought if you encountered someone in your life which is made of great. By made of great I mean he/she is the person who achieved things by very hard efforts. I know many such persons but most of them I found my grandfather to be made of great.

My grandfather was the first person in our village who went to a city and made a career from nothing. He had a brother who never liked him and his family does not pay him any allowances or help him in getting a job. But still he maintains to do the ultimate task.

He took a job in a very highly reputable hospital and because of his sweet nature, people liked their company. After that he did all the things to raise my father and uncle in a good place. He bought a really good house and we are still living in their.

I ever thought that if I do just 20% of their struggle then I will be excel in every form. He is a person that defines the efforts.

He did a lot of struggle in his life and I knows that he is truly made of great.

Which one do you think who is made of great?



Rohit Sharma
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Rohit Sharma


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Rohit Sharma