There were many moments when I feel so depressed that I even thought of committing suicide. But there was something who kept me going on. There was someone who’s face always filled me with hope and gave me the strength. That person is my little cousin brother Bakul.

I live in a joint family. So, my uncle’s family also stay with us.

My uncle has two kids. One of them is 4 years old and his name is Bakul.

Since, he is the youngest member of our family, so he got a special treatment. I mean everyone loves his very much.

I love him and care for him as well. He is always a troublemaker for me. There were many incidents when he tore my notes, kept my pen drive in some other place etc.

I became quite angry on those moments but as soon as I saw his smiling face, all of the anger goes in the air. I mean, who can be angered on a sweet little baby like him.

I always spent one or two-hour every day playing with him. Not just because I want to make him happy, but because I want to spend time with him.

He is my true inspiration and he is the one who always filled me with hope.

There were many incidents when his face gave me the courage to face the problems. For example, 1 year ago I was having exams. In that semester, I had a subject which is said to be the most difficult subject of all time. Most of my friends were sure that, they were going to fail in that subject.

I was also not sure that whether I pass or fail. Since, fail was not an option for me because that will stop my scholarship. The previous night before the exams, I feel so afraid. I thought that, what would I do if I failed in this exam?

I was in a very depressed mood. My brain was also in a shock. So, I was trying to concentrate but that wasn’t happening.

That time I hear a knock on my door. I didn’t know who was there, but I told them to go away. Then I heard another knock and opened the door.

When I opened the door, my little brother Bakul was standing there. He was holding a chocolate. He told me that his father (my uncle) has brought this for him. He was there to share that chocolate with me.

After hearing all this in his cute voice, I laughed. At that moment, I forgot about all the tension that was building inside my brain. I sit with my brother and we both ate the chocolate. After spending an hour with him, I again went to study.

The next day in the morning, I was ready for my exam. Before leaving the home, I went to my brother’s room to see him.

That exam went so good, that I was sure that I would pass. Finally, when the result came out, only 30% students of my class were passed and I was one of them.

All thanks to my little brother who gave me hope and optimism.

Like my little brother, Housing is also giving positivity. Please have a look at them.

Rohit Sharma
I am Rohit, a simple author on this website. I am still studying and learning new things everyday. I am not a perfect blogger just a newbie. I just love latest technology and have a addict to write and share what I know cause sharing is caring.
Rohit Sharma


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