Right now, it is very hard to find a good telecommunication provider. I am lucky since I am using Airtel. Recently, Airtel made its network better by introducing its new app which is known as My Airtel.

I am using this app for a while and I love its features. It has so many great things. It is the solution to my many problems.

So, here I am writing some of its features:

1. Safety and Security: Some years ago, one of my friends tried to make an online payment. In that process, his account got hacked. At that time, he had Rs. 25,000/- in his account and he lost all the money.

So, this thing made a terrible impact on my mind. I am always afraid to make online payments. That is why, I have to go to the store to pay my postpaid bill.

Airtel has taken care of this problem. They are using a PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification. That means all the transfer I made will be completely safe. I don’t have to afraid from hackers.

It also stores your card into its database. With that, you can make the next payment more quickly. It also has a very easy UI (User Interface) and they provide real time bill tracking.

2. Your Airtel Service Manager: Airtel provides so many great services. I am subscribed to more than six. I always thought that subscribing and unsubscribing will be a very complex process. But, that was not the case in My Airtel app.

In the My Airtel app, you will see all of your subscribed services in a single place. You can unsubscribe them with a single touch. That means those services which you are not using can be easily deactivated.

More to that, You can also subscribe to the new services as well. This app will also tell the details about the service and all other things. So, this makes our life a lot easier.

But, that is not the end. With all the other service, you will also gain the access to Wynk which is the best online music streaming app. You can also download songs from Wynk. With that, you will also gain access to the One Touch Internet and the Airtel Live.

3. It saves your money: With this app you can actually save some money. In this app, you can check the current offers on recharge. These offers include full talktime, free data, and the cashback. That means your money will be saved and you will get the best deals.

Airtel has also introduced a new thing which is known as “Airtel Surprise”. With this, you can earn coupons of different brands whenever you recharge your phone. The coupons will be of major brands such as Cafe Coffee day, Flipkart, Amazon, Archies, PVR Cinemas, Myntra, VLCC and many others. You can redeem the coupons on their respective website. So, that means you will get two things at the price of one.

That is all from my side if you want to know more please visit Airtel.


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