Hello guys, this is my tenth post in the creepy series. So, all the things written here are completely fictional.

This story is about a business man whose name was Sam. Sam was 45 years and he has a beautiful wife and a son who was 19 years old and was suffering from cancer.

The business of Sam was running great and they were all happy. But one day, something unexpected happened. A fire blast happened in one of his factory and many precious items were lost.

He went bankrupt and many of his shares was lost. He was thinking of something or some way which can restore his company.

He was getting no idea on how to manage the situation. One day he was roaming on road and an old man stumbled upon him. The old man said, “You look worried?”. To which he replied and told him all the things that happened.

The old man said, “May be, I can help you.”. To which Sam said, “how?”. The old man gave him a mask and said that this mask can fulfill your three wishes. But, he will take one most important thing from you.

Sam thought that this was a joke but he kept the mask. He then asked the mask to restore his company. And the next day he heard the news that a big deal is accepted. He gets lots of profit from it. With this money he restored his full company.

Now, he was assured that this mask can do whatever he want. For the next wish he wished a lot of money. The next thing he knew that, he got an email. The email from a lottery company and it stated that he won a lottery. The prize of the lottery was too much.

This made Sam more happy. He got so much money that he did not have to work for his whole life. He was so happy and was enjoying the life a lot.

He thought that what would he want for the third wish. He thought and thought a lot but he did not make a decision. Then one day, a call came from hospital saying that his son is in critical condition.

He then took the mask and wished for his son’s cure and it was done. The next day, his son was riding the bike like he was never ill.

Sam was so happy to see all of it. He thought what can this mask would take. He thought that may be it will take the money. But, he has so much money that he did not care about that.

Suddenly, loud noise reached his ear. It was coming from the road, just outside his home. He went outside and saw that a huge accident happened there. And one of the person died in that accident and he was his son.

So that was the impact of the wishes.

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