Hello fellas, this is my second stories on the series of creepy stories. So, here nothing is technical all the things are fictional here.

A long time ago, there was a person who fell in love with a very beautiful girl. He loves that girl very much and was ready to sacrifice everything for her.

The girl also liked him but she did not love him. He was paying all the expenses of the girl and the girl was very happy from that is why she liked him.

One day, he came to his house and told that girl that he left his job. She asked him why to which he said because his boss was talking to him in a very disrespectful manner. Instead of giving him some good advice, she ordered him to go back and apologize to his boss.

After hearing that the man asked that why should he do that, to which she answered because she needs a new dress. He told her that, he will search for a new job but will not apologize to his boss.

The next day when he came back, he saw that his house was empty and his girl friend and his belongings was not there. This incident made a huge impact on his life.

Now in present times, which twenty years later. That guy who has changed his name to Manno. He came to a new city and he knew that his past girlfriend was living in the same city.

He searched for her a lot and find out that now she is been married to a very rich man and was living in a big mansion. He loves his husband a lot and they have a son which is 10 years old.

Manno was still suffering from the impact that her girlfriend left on him. He was still thinking on something which can give him his revenge.

Manno find out that his ex-girlfriend loves his kid a lot. I mean that kid was everything for her. She would die if anything happened to that kid. Manno saw that too and thought that he will kidnap the kid and will run from this city. He thought that, he will raise the kid to be more good than her mother will ever be.

One day, Manno saw that kid playing in the park. He look on all the sides and find out that he was not alone there. There were two more peoples who were guarding him. Then one of the guard went to washroom.

Manno saw this opportunity and knocked out the second guard and kidnap that kid. When his ex-girlfriend came to know about this, she started crying and called her husband and police.

Manno was on his way to another city with the kid, and then he thought about the past. The impact was great that is why he sent a package to his ex-girlfriend house.

That package said that “You may have forgotten me but I will not forgot you.”. When his ex-girlfriend opened the box she collapsed on the floor, because that box contains the dismembered body parts of his son.

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