Hello fellas, this is my third post on the creepy series. So all the things here are completely fictional.

This story is about a kid named as Dean. He lives in a small village and he love to play violin. His dream was to become a successful violin player in a big band.

He got the inspiration of playing the violin from grand father. He was a very good violin player and he taught Dean how to play violin.

Three years ago, his grandfather died and he left his precious violin in the hands of Dean’s father. Dean, always wanted to get the violin but his father ordered him to never touch the violin. Dean never understand that why his father is not letting him to get the violin.

Dean liked that violin too much but he also noticed certain strange things. He always saw some nasty insects around the violin. He sprayed insecticide many times on the violin but some how the insects came back.

In Dean’s school a special thing was going on. The School wants to celebrate its Annual function in a grand style. So, they thought they will invite the whole village for the celebration.

There was also a musical program which was performed by the school band. Dean, try to make it in the band and after many efforts he became a member of the band.

There were six people in the band and he was one of them. This thing was giving him very much attention and he did not want to screw this thing.

On the annual day celebration everyone was getting ready to perform but Dean was on his way to the school. Suddenly, he sleeps on the road and his violin broke into pieces. He thought that, what would he do if he could not make it on the annual day.

He thought and thought and finally came to a decision that he will take the violin of his grand father. He stole it from his father’s room and reached the school. Now every one was gathered in the school area and everyone was ready to listen to the school band.

The band came on the stage and Dean was in there as well. He was looking very good and they start performing. Dean realize that, all of a sudden his violin is producing some high pitch sound and all the people in front started collapsing.

In a moment all the people there including the bands member except Dean was collapsed. Dean checked the body of the band member and find out that he was dead. He then realized that all the people there was dead.

Then he started hearing the sound of insects buzzing. But, he did find out any bugs around him. Then one insect came out of his eye. Then he opened his mouth and lots of flies came out of his mouth. And soon he was dead too.


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