India, where Cricked is like a tradition and Cricketers are like God. Imagine what will happen, if any one of those God brings something new.

The same thing has happened, some days ago. Kapil Dev, who is the Ex-Captain of the Indian Cricket Team came up with a new idea. Kapil Dev, who is a legendary cricket player is bringing a new league.

Some days ago, he announced this via his Twitter account. From then, he is promoting this league under the name of “Ek Nayi League”. Kapil Dev also released some promotional videos on YouTube. In those videos, he is giving an idea about this league. But, he does not tell, what is this league about.

Kapil Dev kept this as a secret and now everybody wants to know what is it. In those promotional videos, which are released by Kapil Dev on YouTube, he is giving some message.

We all know that if we do anything with our heart then, we will get success in it. But, Kapil Dev has different thoughts on this message. In his videos, he repeatedly told that, if you play this league by your heart then you will lose. Now that is completely illogical and this is also the thing that makes it more interesting.

More to that, Kapil Dev invited M. S. Dhoni, who is currently the Captain of Indian Cricket Team. He also invited Sania Mirza who is a great tennis player. Now, since Kapil Dev is associated with Cricket, so we can understand the he invited M. S. Dhoni. But, why Sania Mirza is invited and if this league is about Cricket, then definitely she can’t compete against M. S. Dhoni. This means only one thing that, this league is not about Cricket.

One of my guesses is this, that this league is about Dancing. Here two celebrities will make a couple and will dance to win the league. It will be interesting and will get very much attention from the Indian viewers. This will also make sense we only do those things with full of heart, which we like. And, I don’t think Sania likes dancing more than Tennis. That means she does not have to play with her heart.

One another guess of mine is, that this will be a quiz competition. Where player from the different field can take part. Now the player have to answer the question related to other player’s field. This is just one of the wild guesses, I am doing.

One another guess is, this will be related to some investment and stock marketing stuff. We all know this is a field where we have to use our brain instead of heart. Another thing is that, any person can take part in it. It will not be a matter, whether the player is a girl or a boy or what is his/her professional field.

So, that is all by me on the wild guesses of the Ek Nayi League. To find out more, please visit Ek Nayi League.

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