Hi guys, Today I have a very peculiar post as I am gonna tell you the most stupid but may be effective way to promote your website. Every one wants their website to be seen by many people, and that it should be remembered by people. But to do that you need many things, for example Patience, Honesty, Effort and Thinking but if you don’t have these things then you need some “NONSENSE” and “CREATIVITY”.

You can take this as the stupid Tips to Promote Your Website. I am going with the first one, and the reason for that is not because I have patience, its because I am too lazy 🙁 . But forget that and lets come to the point.

How to Promote your Website ?

Well there are certainly two methods”

  1. Paid Method : Very low efforts and very high price, includes buying adwords and links to Promote Website on Google.
  2. Free Method: Very High efforts and practically low or no price.

But without going in much detail to that we are continuing are main topic.

Stupid but may be effective ways to promote your website :

Stupid but may be effective way to promote your website

1. Writing on School/College Desk:

You go to a college or to a school then this method is specially for you. Put out your pen and write the URL and name of your site on every desk you sit.

And write some thing that will be fascinating among students. Like previous year question papers, eBooks, or free games etc.

Or you can also try to write the name of the most beautiful girl with the site such that the site or the blog belongs to her.

So this is a Free Website promotion. Belive me this thing will definitely work to get you more visitors 🙂 .

2. Keeping your bluetooth name as your site name :

Bluetooth, yeah the thing which is used to connect two or more devices which are placed near to each other without needing a wired medium.

First when it came to the mobile world it was mostly used to share files among devices. But now mostly used for connecting wireless headphone.

Anyway most of the people now keep their Bluetooth on.

So rename your device as your site URL, and keeps the Bluetooth on.

Now if somebody near you opens it Bluetooth panel then that will also show your website URL there.

Means you have to do nothing and your website will be seen by many. That means it will promote your website.

But this thing might not work now as our smartphone has the ability to hide our Bluetooth after 2 minutes. But don’t worry the next one pretty good as well.

3. Renaming WiFi as your website url :

WiFi is the sister of the Bluetooth well you can say brother as well i don’t mind maybe they won’t also.

WiFi is the same as Bluetooth just it has more range than it and some other technical stuff. However I am not telling you what is WiFi I am telling you how to use it to promote your website.

The answer is simple rename it to your website name.

Now you would say that since router is fixed so only some of the people can see the URL.

Well if you not know than our phone also has an internet sharing service. Through which our phone can works as a hub and others can connect to it.

So keep your internet sharing on and rename it as your website name.

It is better than Bluetooth, because most people keep their WiFi on and when new connection are found by WiFi a small message is shown to the user that WiFi is available.

And when he opens the WiFi panel he will see your site and may be visit to your site as well afterwards. So you can use this to Promote Your Website for Free.

Stupid but may be effective way to promote your website

4. Writing on the window of dusty cars:

Remember when we were kids we like to draw on the glasses of dusty cars by clearing the dust.

The same can be done now as well. By clearing the glasses and moving your fingers such that it shows your website name (I think I am talking like a science teacher now).

I mean writing your website name on dusty car by clearing the dust. And write some other things as well about it, and they can be fake as well :).

Like be a millionaire in one night, or free movies or something like that.

So whenever a passenger passed by that car he will going to notice that and may be visit your site as well.

5. Writing your name in public places :

This is a method which I am not going to use ever. This is to write your site name and its URL in some public places such as Shopping malls, Restaurant Tables, or in Public Toilets :p .

But this method is effective most of them all, how ?

Well I am saying this because one of my friend did this to bring traffic to his client site. What he did was, he took huge amount of money from the client and told him that he will increase his traffic in 7 days and mostly will be from India.

And he promised that his traffic will be 4 times as of now. As the client provides a service in India, so it was good for him that most traffic is gonna come from India.

My friend did some SEO, but even SEO doesn’t guaranteed that much of traffic in a short span. So he took a very small amount of money from the buttload of the money he got from the client.

He printed many papers with some fake information of the site(though I can’t tell you what was the information). And gave those papers to some people he just hired to put them in every possible public place of the state.

Just after that the traffic of the site just busted over. And they also pay my friend some more money as a bonus, and since the company is situated in another city they will never find out what’s happening 🙂 .

So you can try that as well, who know may be they bring you more traffic.

[themify_quote]Disclaimer : I haven’t used any of them and I didn’t Promote My Website through this , I am describing the stupid things people do to get traffic. [/themify_quote]

I know these are stupid but may be effective way to promote your website.


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