Hi guys today I am going to tell you how to send secret messages with steganography using command prompt.

Steganography means to be hidden or something secret. The first recorded use of the term was in 1499 by Johannes Trithemius in his Steganographia, a treatise on cryptography and Steganography disguised as a book on magic.

In past, steganography is used to send some secret messages by writing the message under a painting. Still now steganography is used by the terrorist to send their messages because the image with steganography can’t be detectable all of your message will be hidden inside that image.

Now steps to do Steganography :

1. You need to write the message in notepad and must select an image to hide that message with steganography.

For Example I am taking a notepad file with message ” I love Censarone”




2. Now time for selecting our image. Here for example my image name is crfb.jpg


3. Now the main parts came where we have to combine these images

To do that press windows button+R to open Run command box and enter cmd or just start command prompt from the start menu.

After that you have to set the default directory to working file directory means where both the file resides.

For making this easy make sure both of your files are on Desktop.

Then enter the command – cd desktop

After that you have to combine the two files for that use the command

[hl]copy /b “c:\users\abc1\desktop\crfb.jpg” + “c:\users\abc1\desktop\cr.txt” crnew.jpg[/hl]

Here after user put your user name in place of abc1 and in place of crfb.jpg put your image file name with .jpg and in place of cr.txt put the name of your notepad.

After that a new file with file name crnew.jpg will be created. You can name the file whatever you want just change the name from the command but make sure you add .jpg in the end.

The command Prompt will be look like this.



4. Now how to read the message.

Just right click on the file that’s just created. In this case it will be crnew.jpg and after that go to “open with” then select Notepad.

After that you will see many lines of code, After that just get to the end and the message will be there like this below:



That’s all for steganography.

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