Cricket, which is just a sport to the other world, but for us it is a religion. We love cricket so much, that we can even forget about lunch and sleep. It is more like a passion to people here.

Here, everyone wants to be connected with the cricket. I also want the same thing. I want to know every little detail about cricket. I want to know the current scores, current matches, upcoming matches and so many other things.

There are so many things. But, I have other duties as well. For example, I have to attend the board meeting and therefore I will miss the match. This is just a single cause, that does not let me watch cricket, that means there are so many more.

I always want something, which will let me connect with cricket all the time. But, I failed to find such a thing. The only thing I always keep with me is my cell phone.

I tried watching the cricket matches over the mobile internet, but the internet speed was too low and it did not let me watch cricket.

Then one day, I heard about this amazing app, which is Uc Browser. One of my friends suggested me this app and told me that with this, your mobile internet speed will become two times the original.

I thought that, how is this possible? But, since I did not have any other option, So I thought of using it,

I was really surprised to see the change in the performance. The web pages are now loading very fast. It also let me play live cricket matches. With this app, I was able to go anywhere I want and remain connected to the cricket.

It has the power of caching and with that, the speed of data transfer greatly improved. It allows me to save pages and bookmarked them for previewing later.

Uc Browser also has an entire different section just for cricket, and its name is UC Cricket. It is like a gold mine for a cricket fans. With one click, you can learn about the live scores, Results, Upcoming matches and many more things.

With that, there also tons of news about cricket which you can found on Uc Browser. It takes all the important news from all the major news and sports site and put their headline to get a quick summary. You can also click on those headlines, to visit the original page and read the news.

It also displays many videos, which you can watch whenever you want. That means, if you have missed the match then you can watch it whenever you want and where ever you want.

So, basically this app will let you to connect with your favorite game. You can go where ever you want and can have all the details about the game on your device.

It will let you enjoy all the precious moments of your life, without missing your favorite game.

Also have a look at their video as well.

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