We all have someone, who told us to stand on your own feet. I also have one person who always supported me and make me stand on my own feet.

This person is my Grand Mother who is always supporting me from my childhood. She literally taught me to stand on my own feet. Till now she is guiding me and making me choose the right path.

I still remember that when I was a child and was studying in LKG. I was beaten by my Hindi teacher because I failed in a Hindi test. Later that night I told that thing to my parents and to my grandmother as well. Then, she took the book and started teaching me Hindi. In just two hours, I become noob to pro in Hindi. In the next text, I got the full marks in Hindi and told my teacher that, my grandmother taught me all this.

After that, when I was in school, I was bullied by some students. I told that to my grandmother and in response to that, she told me to stand up on them. The next day, I got up in a fight with one of those bullies and after that, they never caused me any troubles.

After that, when I passed the Xth standard, I thought of taking Science as my stream,. While everyone was saying that, I should take Commerce because I won’t be able to handle the Science. That time my grandmother also supported my decision and told me to take science and forget what all are saying.

After that, I got Science and passed it with good marks. After that, I took the entrance exam of many colleges. Since, I was not good at the studies that time, So I didn’t got the good college. I mean it was good but it has very high fees. While all the members of my family were saying that, I should drop that idea. They were saying that instead of study I should do some work to support the family.

That time as well, my grandmother ordered everyone to stay quiet and let me do whatever I want. She gave half of the fees through her savings and told me that she would help forever.

After some time, many companies came to my campus for the recruitment. Most of my classmates were selected, but I was rejected. I got so much depressed after seeing all this. That day, my grandmother came to my room and said that I should never lose hope. After that day, I studied very hard and got the job in a multinational company.

Till now she is guiding me on what to do. I never do something she doesn’t like because I know that will be bad for me.

She is my inspiration and the one person who always make me to stand on my own feet. If she wasn’t there, then I may get lost but thanks to her, now I am a very successful person.

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