Hi guy’s I’m come back with some blogging tips and today I am gonna talk about Single Niche or Multi Niche which one is better. As we know in blogging category is basically termed as Niche. For Example: Dailyblogtips Niche is Blogging, Boostblogtraffic Niche is  and TechnoCR Niche is technology. But one thing is more important when you start you own blog: What is the topic of my Blog is going to be about?

Single Niche and Multi Niche Blogs

Mostly when I ever talked to a newbie about blog topic and I always get an answer:

I’m interested in my life style work like Fashion, Photography, Traveling, Health or Wealth, Technology but I want to write these entire category on my blog and as I think it’s going to be unique selling point for my blog. As I will be coating these entire category at one place and this will be attracted more and more people.

There are many Niche Consultants out there which can help you as well. But I will also try to explain these things as well.

Guy’s I will answer of these things in detail, let me clear you all out. This outlook is totally wrong, But you are think to make money from your own blog. If you are doing all of these thing for your personal blog, this is totally good to go but the money is another thing and you are blogging because you about all the categories.So, let me clarify why and how multi topic blogs is a bad idea, If you are already planning to earn money from your blog. The thing is first you need to find out what is your Niche Skill.

Why Multiple Niche Blog is so bad for SEO, readership and making money

Guy’s First thing is always first: As I told you above the paragraph, When you are blogging for your personal purpose not for earn money, you can write anything you want, so don’t worry about your website traffic and money also. But the problem is if you want your blog for earn money purpose and your enthusiasm, but you should take a suitable business Planning. As I know about earn money with the blogging it is not so easy as it looks like, but at the end of the day, you can do it right and you can make lots of money  for your personal life. I like blogging and I’m write for my personal experience and making money. Now’ let’s take a look what are the multi topic sites and how you can choose the particular category for your site.

“SEO will be tough for your multi-niche blog”

Now you can think you are a search engine like a Google, Yahoo or Bing, and you have a rank for whatever topic like “How to get free images for your website”, you have a rank for anyone of these sites.

A website which is straight-out about free images.

A website which is talking about Technical tips, entertainment resource, Fitness tips.

I’ll absolutely select the first website, because of this website have covered all of the topics which is related to same topic, and it will give us much better quality content (As we know it’s already straight-out website on the topic of “Free Images”), this website will come up with preferable user experience.

As we know about the SEO (search engine optimization) tool changing its face every day, and the search engines are like Google, Yahoo or Bing these all are ranking websites based on brand and possession. That’s why the single niche site has good opportunity of creating a possession on a topic in comparison to a site writing about multiple-topics. Single niche blogs are always better perform than Multi niche blog. That’s all about SEO (search engine optimization) tool.

So you should be able to compete in the all Niche Market.

To create a readership for your blog: It will be tough competition:

Which is the first reason to makes you subscribe to a blog.

Do you have any interest in a topic like I said “Politics”, than what kind of site you will be subscribe? A site which is create for politics or a site which notify about politics, blogging and so on?

If you would like to subscribe a site which is talking about blogging and immediately the site starts writing about baby care, do you have already subscribed the site or have you unsubscribe the site?

If you will answer both of question, you would have clear understanding of my clarification.

I would like to say what is the important thing in your site, the topic: If it comes to the blogs on topics, we have already sufficient amount of choice. According to a reader perspective, I would like to subscribe those blogs which is devoted to talk about topics of my interest. That’s why, I don’t like to be fight with the heavy information and I really like to focus on my topics that I like reading and learning about them. As I say above the paragraph, I would like to subscribe a blog which is talking about SEO topic and after some time later the blog is writing about traveling, most haunted places without link to the main topic of the blog, than I’ll definitely click on unsubscribe button and searching another blog which is talking about my topic of my interest.

It will be tough to making money from your single niche or multi niche blog:

So, let’s talking about the most Important part, this will be make lots of money for you.

Before I’ll talking about single niche or multi niche blog with an example, but one thing is you should always remember that your blog income is directly rateably to the traffic and choiceness of your blog. But, you would be thing about, if I write on multi topics I can get the more traffic, then go back to the point no.2 and read carefully.

Now explain me with some examples:

Just think about that you are a company who are develop Applications, but you have limited budget to advertisement. So, you would have to choose from the following two blogs:

  • Blog 1: This blog gets 30,000 page views in a month and the total traffic is coming for topics which is related to the mobile applications and computer applications.
  • Blog 2: This blog gets 60,000 page views in a month and the total traffic is coming for multi topics which is mobile applications, social networking, music etc.

Which blog is good for advertisement of your company product? I would like to Choose Blog 1, as I’ll be getting better ROI for the money purpose, I’ll spend for advertisement. As I’m getting particular traffic from blog 1 and the blog 2 will be giving me the traffic which is not suitable for my advertisement.

I hope that all the points are clarify your doubt about which type of blog you should start for more and more traffic and the result is you get the lots of money from your blog.

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