There are many things that make a person happy. I also have some of those things that make me happy. So, Today I am sharing some of those moments which make me happy.

I spent most of the time in front of the computer screen. So, most of the time, I remain at home. But, I do one more thing. I give tuitions to some kids. So, every day at 7 PM I go to teach my students.

This is the time when I feel that, I am important. More to that I have become a good friend with my students. They share everything with me. Like what they do in the school, where are they going and some more things. They also love me and treat me like a friend.

Many times, when we all got tired of studying. I play board games with them. I always win but they still love to play those games and I also love those games.

I love to teach them and I also got paid for it. So, that makes a win – win situation for me. Spending the time with my students make real happy.

After that, I meet my friends. All of my friends remain busy in their respective work. But, every night at 9 PM all of my friends come to my house.

There was a time when we spent the whole day together. But, now we get very little time to see each other. They come at my house and then we go outside for a walk. Now this walk could take us anywhere. I mean, we go to some place where we can eat.

Most of the time, we visit a local shop which provide us mouth watering Egg Roll. After taking the Egg roll, we also take some drinks. We sit there and eat our food with the drinks and tell each other about the day. We also remember some things from the previous time that filled our heart with joy.

We talked about the future, like what we will do next. We also imagine that, what we will be doing in each other’s marriage. These all things give us a big smile.

After that, we play some games on my Play Station. I lose every time, but I still love to play with them.

On some Sundays, we also make Pizzas. Now, I get more fun in making them instead of eating them. Since, we all do the efforts to make the pizzas. One chop the onions, another chop the tomatoes. One goes to the marker to bring the cheese and Soft Drinks. I mean everyone does something and that makes me really happy that, we are working towards the same goal.

All of the time we spent became memorable and we talk about it while eating our pizzas.

So, everyone got some special moments that make them happy. For my moments, I think teaching the kids and spending time with my friends are the simple things that make me happy.

Coca-Cola is also making people happy. It also makes me happy many times. So have a look at their video below.

Rohit Sharma
I am Rohit, a simple author on this website. I am still studying and learning new things everyday. I am not a perfect blogger just a newbie. I just love latest technology and have a addict to write and share what I know cause sharing is caring.
Rohit Sharma


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