There are times when our heart become full from fear. But it totally depends on us, that what will we do. There are only two choices left at that time, first is to step back from whatever you are doing. The second choice is to overcome the fear and make your way. Now I am not saying that I am a person who will always choose the second choice but there are times when I rise above the fear and I guess these moments also happened with you as well.

So, today I am telling you about an incident of mine which happened to me a long time ago. Where I feel afraid and want to step back but there were some forces who aren’t letting me go. This incident is almost 7 years old and that time I was a kid. As a kid we afraid the most and that is the time when we should rise and then conquer the fear.

Rise Above Fear Take A Risk :

That time I was a new comer in the school and know a little one at that time. Although the school was good and my classmates were good as well but there were some radicals which might be a problem for me at that time. There was a boy named “Aman” at that time which I considered a bully. He was ahead of me by two class. Although I didn’t have a direct interaction with him but I saw him many times when he was beating other kids.

Those sights were very violent for me at that time. Then one day I was running in the ground and I collided with him. Before I can leave he catch me, and say some wrong words to me. To those words I say  “Sorry” cause I didn’t have anything to say more but he didn’t listen to me and slapped me two times. I thought that it was good that he didn’t beat me more but some how I was feeling a huge shame and a depression kind of feeling in my mind.

The next time he saw me in the ground and called me. Again in front of many people he said some abusive words to me to which I can’t reply. These things were eating me inside. That time my mind goes in a very disturbed state and I thought again and again what should I do.

Then I thought this time I will Rise Above fear. I won’t tolerate him bullying me and I stand up to him. But there were also risk in doing that so, he might beat me in front of the whole school. But I was ready, I had made up my mind that I won’t be tolerating his bullying for the next 5 years.

So again he saw me in the ground and called me but this time before he say something I started saying against him. The people around him started laughing after hearing me out and he was laughing too. After that he became a good friend of mine and that risk made my school life.

So that’s all on my story about taking the risk.

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