Hey guys, as you know I am a student and it is my final semester. Some weeks before I got a job offer from a good company which is situated in Bangalore. Since it is a one-year agreement so in that time I have to leave Delhi and live in Bangalore. But relocating is very difficult, in a totally new city.


When you move to a new city then you have to setup too many things at once. Since I will be going to live there only for a year, so investing a lot of money on residence will be a waste.

But all thanks to Quikr I can save a lot of money and a lot of efforts to find things.
Now the first thing, I will need, is a house to live. So I will go to Quikr and will search for the real estate. In that I can also look up to the location and find the place which can be really suited for me. I will want a place that will have a peaceful environment and with very low fees. All thanks to Quikr that work will be easily done.

After that I will need a bed to sleep. Now here I will have to look for the perfect size and perfect look suited for me. So for that as well I will go to Quikr and will search for a bed. Since the ads posted Quikr also contains the product snapshots. Therefore, it will be easy to choose my perfect bed.

With a bed, I may need some additional things such as a dining table or a sofa set. Those things can also be searched on Quikr. So because of that, I will not need to visit many shops to buy the perfect design. It will also cost me less and since I am living there temporarily so this will help me a lot. All the basic things are done.

I still need some source of entertainment. For that I think a television will be great. So to buy a TV for a cheaper price I will again search into Quikr. Since Quikr is awesome, it takes all the info of the electronic item before posting the ad. With that, I will surely check its info and its condition. More to that I can also know more about its qualities and other things. Since I will be new in the city, so I may not have that much money with me. But all thanks to Quikr and it’s advanced filtering system by which you can filter the items according to your budget. More to that I can also filter the items with their brands.

Now entertainment is also taken care of. The next thing I will need a transportation tool to go office and come back. So long story short, I will need a bike. Since investing in a new bike, may not be a good choice, So I will need help from the Quikr again. For that, as well I will look up on Quikr and find the bike that is good and fits in the budget.

After a year, if I wants to shift my job and the place back to Delhi then I can again sell this stuff on Quikr.

So in the conclusion I must say that, Quikr is awesome and if you are also willing to relocate their then take its help.


Rohit Sharma
I am Rohit, a simple author on this website. I am still studying and learning new things everyday. I am not a perfect blogger just a newbie. I just love latest technology and have a addict to write and share what I know cause sharing is caring.
Rohit Sharma


I am Rohit a web designer and marketing researcher
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