Hi guys as you know the month of love February is coming and Indiblogger has asked me that how will I propose on Valentine day.

I have made a full plan on how I am going to propose my crush on Valentine day. It took me a while to made this plan and to set this in motion will also take some time. I like her and she is the one who barely know me. So, for us to get better know each other, we have to spend some time together. As far as I know she will not spend more than an hour with me. That hour is the courtesy of our college.

To keep her with me, an entire day will take some effort. Since I do know her, I know her habits and behavior as well. She always gets into a fight with someone. Other than that I also know her schedule after she left the house. You can think of me as a crazy stalker of her.

So taking advantageous of all these things I have a plan. I have some guys in police with a really good position and some more friends who are going to help me with this thing.

When she will leave her home, I will send one of my friends to start a fight with her. I will ask my friend to ignite the fire so high that she starts doing something crazy like hitting or abusing etc.

At the same time, I will send my police friend who will arrest her. When they will bring her into the police car then she will find that I am also sitting there. Then my friend will put a shackle on one of my arm and one of her arm. Now I know that she feared her father a lot, so she will try to escape the situation. I will try to convince the policeman who is my friend and he will leave us. But he will lose the key to the shackle and will tell us to come to the police station after 5 hours.

Now she can’t leave me and I don’t want to leave her. I will have 5 hours to impress her and to make a place in her heart. I know what she likes to eat so I will take her to the restaurant where she will enjoy. After spending the whole day together, I think she will understand how I feel about her.

Still in those 5 hours, I am not going to propose her. After the 5 hours, we will go to the police station to loose our shackles. After that, as a good friend I will drop her home. On her way to home, that is when I will propose her.

Now this plan will do two things for me, which will make a place in her heart. First this plan will not gonna let anyone come near to her. And the second thing is this plan will keep us together through the whole day.

So, that will be my plan to propose my crush on Valentine.

This post is written for Indiblogger with Association of Close up Cupid Games 2015.

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