Nokia X – First Android Phone From Nokia

Nokia X – First Android Phone From Nokia

What’s up guys, you hear about Nokia X - First android phone from Nokia. Well, I never thought a day would come when I see Nokia with android. I mean Nokia still has the chance to work with google in the past but it focused on its own operating system Symbian, After that when there is a drop came in the apps and games that runs 0n symbian. They have to discontinued it as well, but instead of choosing google they choose Microsoft and bring out the lumia the windows phone.

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Nokia X – Collision of Windows and Android

Nokia XNot so long ago the whole Nokia corporation was acquired by Microsoft so it was obvious that they are gonna release only windows phone. But the new CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadela an American – Indian thought of a new plan. I found this plan a clever one as well. Since android is open source and windows is of Microsoft, So what Nokia do is they merged both operating system (Windows 8 phone + Android) into a single operating system which they named as X.

While many eyebrows were raised, and eyes rolled, when news of the Nokia X first took to the web (under the moniker Normandy), the sheer deluge of leaks added more and more credibility to the handset’s existence.

And then it was made official. At MWC 2014, Stephen Elop took to the stage to announce the arrival of the Nokia X, the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL.

The Nokia X and Nokia X+ are bedfellows – all that separates them are differing sizes of storage. As for the Nokia XL, this is a phablet with a five-inch screen.

Nokia X, X+, XL

Nokia XIf you put the Nokia X side-by-side with the company’s Lumia 520 handset it might be hard to tell them apart. The same striking colors and design are available on both, and they each use the same 4-inch display. Nokia isn’t going for the high-end with the X at all, and the company has clearly trimmed its hardware specifications as much as possible to ensure the phone is low-cost but still usable. There are just 4GB of storage with 512MB of RAM, but microSD cards will be supported to help boost the tiny amount of storage available. The Nokia X+, identical in appearance to the X, also boosts both the storage and memory. Apart from the internal storage and dual-SIM support, the Nokia X only really differs from the Lumia 520 on the outside, with a lack of Windows Phone’s three capacitive buttons and a slight camera change.

Nokia’s XL takes a slightly different approach, with a 5-inch display and a combination of a 5-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front-facing one. Nokia is positioning the XL as “great for Skype, while the X and X+ both ship with just a 3-megapixel fixed focus camera. All three have just a single capacitive button for navigation. You hit the button once to go back and hold it down to return to the home screen. Software customizations on the home screen and across the OS are where the X line gets interesting, or, perhaps, confusing. Nokia has created a Windows Phone-like tiled home screen that looks like a blatant rip of Microsoft’s own UI. All installed apps will be displayed here instead of a separate app drawer, and you can even alter the tile sizes to be medium or large. They’re not as live as Windows Phone’s versions or Android widgets, but apps like the calendar will display the date as you’d expect. You can also display widgets from installed apps on the home screen.

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Swiping across reveals the Fastlane feature, an option that makes its way over from Nokia’s line of Asha handsets. Fastlane is a mixture of notifications and recent activity combined into a stream. Favorite contacts, recent pictures, and any app notifications will all be listed in a single UI, with options to pull down and peer into future calendar appointments.

The amazing thing is that the price for these phone is not so high. Even the highest phone in the series which is Nokia XL will be available in India at the price range of 10K to 12K.

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