Hi guys, today is the last day of 2014. Many things happened in that year and many things will happen in 2015. I know we have a lot of memories of the previous year, lots of emotions and embarrassments etc. But we have to move on towards the new day and find what’s waiting for us in the next year.

Every year I make some resolution which I think I would do. But some of the resolutions are the one which I never kept. So this year as well I am taking some resolutions.

I am not gonna think about going to gym every day. Believe me I tried that and I think you know, I didn’t follow that. Well, it’s enough for my failures and lets talk about what I have followed. Last year I decided that I will start a blog and I did. So this year I need something more about this blog.

I gave my efforts on this blog and in return it has pondered me with some gifts, money and respect. Now I want to take this blog on another level. You know increase the traffic, engagement and profit. But for that I will need some help.

My new year Resolution with Micromax Canvas Tab p666

For helping me, Micromax has sent an angel to help me out. Micromax just released the “Micromax Canvas Tab P666” which is powered by Intel Atom Processors. When we hear the word Intel, then I think we all become assured of one thing that it has power and speed. Other than that it also has the Burst Performance Technology which gives an awesome performance.

I do think that RAM also matters when we are checking the performance. But it also has the RAM of 1Gb. That means lots of multitasking can be done. With all that configuration, I can also play heavy games on it.

All these things will help me a lot in blogging. As I can blog anywhere whether I am travelling, I am out of my home or anywhere else. Since I like to hear music when I write, so I can use both applications at once because of its multitasking.

For typing, I do need a bigger keyboard. This thing is also covered in Micromax Canvas Tab P666 as it got a 20.32cm screen. With that, it also has 800*1200 pixels resolution. That makes the typing so easy and the viewing experience better.

The physical feature includes good design and aluminium rim on the sides. It is available in two colours Magnetic Black and White.

It has all the above features, but they are all wasted if  it doesn’t have a good battery. But Micromax also resolved that issue as well. It has a 4400mAh battery which means around 325 hour of stand by time.

Oh! and I forgot to mention, that it comes with Android Kitkat. That means I can have all the latest apps and games. With all that, I think the blogging will become super easy. Since with this I can write wherever I want, I can take notes wherever I want, and I can even see the analytics of this blog wherever I want.

So I think this time my resolution will be fulfilled. You can also check Micromax Canvas Tab P666 features on it website.

I am also embedding a video which show what it can do.

So this is goodbye and I wish you a happy new year.

Featured Image : Vector Open Stock.

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