I do think that you all know about the streaming giant Netflix. It is an American based streaming service which gives great content to watch which includes Supernatural, Arrow, Flash, Dexter and many more.

Also check the Live TV streaming sites.

I just received an email from them they are finally in India. I can’t express my excitements as I just tweeted that.

It also have many anime’s and cartoon movies. All of its content is in English and have the subtitles as well. It has so much content that it will take you years to completely watch it, that means never get bored.

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NetFlix Launched in India

Netflix was already available in many Asian countries, but to get to India that took time. Netflix worked on subscription basis. The prices for India are starting from Rs. 500.

In Rs. 500 you will get the most basic plan which will give you the access to all the content and shows on Netflix. In the next plan which will cost you Rs. 650, you will get the HD quality and a feature by which you can use the same account on two different devices at the same time.

This plan is very good if you are thinking of sharing the money with some one else. The last plan give the ability to watch the content in Ultra HD.

You can have a clear idea about their pricing from the below image.

Netflix In India Pricing

Now there is one more thing that is great about Netflix. You can stream the Netflix from almost any device which has an Internet connectivity. That includes your Android Phone, iPhone, tablet, iPad, laptop, desktop and other gadgets.

It works with Chromecast as well. That means, if you plug the Chromecast in your TV then you will be able to watch the Netflix content on your TV as well.

More to that, it also worked with smart TV and gaming consoles which includes X-box, Playstation, PSP and many others.

NetFlix Launched in India – Does it worth the price?

Well, I am fan of Netflix. I am writing this post at 3.00 Am and its been an hour when I received the mail from Netflix. It has so much content that you will like most of them stuff.

More to that, Netflix also create its own shows which it called as Netflix originals. This year Netflix has announced that 30+ new shows will streamed which includes the famous show Daredevil as well.

So, with all the other content you will get this bonus original content as well. So, in my opinion it is worth the price.

But if you don’t believe me, then please go on Netflix and try out your first free month and if you like Netflix then keep the plan alive otherwise cancel it.

I am sure you will like it a lot.

So that is all on Netflix launched in India.


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