Hello guys, today I have came with an interesting or rather than a shocking news to you. This time it is specially for Google users like my self. And this time it is done by some Russian Hackers. I can say one thing definitely for them, that they don’t left a moment to surprise us.

So long story short nearly 5 Million Gmail accounts were hacked and posted on a Russian Bitcoin Forum btcsec.com by a person having user name Tvskit.

5 Million Google/Gmail Account Hacked – What is the complete story

This is definitely a bad news for all of the Google or Gmail users. But there is certainly a thing which is good for us and what it is  ?

Well most of the Google passwords were outdated and that means most of us are safe. But the hacker still made a statement that 60% of the password is still working.

I was also shocked when I hear this news and the first thought that came to my mind was “how Google can be hacked.

But Google confirmed that none of their servers has been compromised. So that is clear that the hacker used some other technique to get the passwords.

A Russian tech blog Habrahabr posted that the Google email address and their passwords were hacked using phishing, use of weak passwords and some other things.

The complete database of the hacked password is posted on a Russsian bitcoin forum. And according to some sources, most of the accounts were of those users which have done some bitcoin transaction.

What if you account is one of the 5 Million Google/Gmail Hacked Account ?

If you are also terrified that if you may one of those unlucky then you can check that out. There is a site named as “Is my email leaked?  go to this website and enter your email address.

Don’t worry this site is completely safe and it will give you direct info whether your email id was in the hacked database or not. If you are still not sure on this website then you can also use a shortened version of your id using asterisk.

What to do if you don’t want to be the next one to be hacked.

  1. This is one of the thing that most people don’t do, always use a strong passwords. And by strong I mean the below things must be present in your password :
  • A small letter
  • A capital letter
  • A special character
  • A number

2. When you are entering your password then first check for the URL, and by checking I mean check for domain name very carefully. Because it can be a phishing page that may have  the similar address like the original one.

3. Use a 2 – step verification

Google is saying that again and again to use a 2 – step verification. So you should use a 2 – step verification, if you don’t know how to do it then read :

How to turn on 2 – step verification by Ben Weitzenkorn

If you don’t know what is 2-step verification process then read below :

2 – Step verification means that your identity will be identified two times and then you can access your account.

In Google for this to work, you have to give them your phone number and then  every-time when you will try to login, a code will be send to your number. That means Google server will check for both the password and the code.

That means if some one got in possession of your password the  he/she still can’t access your account. Since he/she will also need your phone to access the account.

So at the end I can only say, stay safe and keep your password more safer 🙂

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