If you are from India then I am pretty sure, you have heard the name of the IAMAI. Well, it’s an acronym and its full name is Internet and Mobile Association of India. They held a conference, some days ago and through Blogmint, I also attended it.


The conference was held to tell us the upcoming trends and challenges in the eCommerece or M-Commerce which is the name of Mobile Commerce. It was a two-day event and many entrepreneurs, CEO, founders of different companies were invited.



I have learned many things from there and it might be good if I tell all of those things. Now it is impossible to tell you all the things, but since I was tweeting live from that event, that is why I am also embedding those tweets as well.

E-Tailing and Travel Commerce Conference 2015 by IAMAI – My Experience

There was great speeches on entrepreneurship and startups by many big entrepreneurs such as Nikhil Ganju (Country manager of TripAdvisor), G.Shankaran Nair (President and Chief Strategy Officer, Servion Global Solutions), Kumar Karpe (Chief Executive Officer, TechProcess) and many others.

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  They told us many things about the industries, like how the eCommerrce is changing to M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce. They told that Mobile apps are becoming a key factor that will decide the whole business process.

This is very obvious because our smartphone are taking the place of a regular computer. There are many families in India which do not have a computer but do have a smartphone. More to that, they also told that soon the apps will decide which company will get the bigger piece of cake in the market.



After the introductory speech, the room was divided into two separate areas and I was invited to the room where they were discussing  the eCommerece industry.

Now, there were many important messages given to us and I am sharing some of them with you.

It was said that the P2P business will grow. To those who just learnt about P2P, it means Peer to Peer. That means, there will be no middle man and people will contact the original buyer or seller directly.


This kind of strategy is used in many websites and apps such as Bla Bla Car which is carpooling app, Olx, Quikr, Airbnb and lots of others. It was said that the business of these sites and will grow.

Those eCommerece players who are not adopting the mobile application will fade away. As I told you that, most of the business is coming from mobile and those who will not see it as an important factor will surely fade away from the market.

Companies should improve their technologies to overcome the generation gap. Companies should think from the perspective of a common user that what are the changes that will help the user to buy the product. For example, if a company is making a mobile app, then they should check the different screen sizes available to users.

Customer satisfaction must be the ultimate goal of the companies. Companies do not want to sell the things and go away. They want to make their customer crave for more. That means they want the customer should return. For that, they should provide an excellent CRM or Customer Relationship Management. They should think about customer satisfaction instead of their profit.

So, that was all. I hope you will also find it as useful as it is for me.

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