What’s up fellas, My friend who is really into gaming just got a Mac Book. Now he wants to record his gaming session so to give a video walkthrough.

Now the problem was he wasn’t able to find the right app to make this work. He told me his problem and after struggling on internet I got to know the Movavi Screen Capture For Mac.

This app just make all of our work. There are many features come with this app more of that it is so easy to operate that you can easily create demo videos, Video tutorial, Gaming walkthrough etc. There are many features of this app and I am gonna tell you about them, so lets start the main part of the review 🙂

Movavi Screen Capture For Mac – Review

First of all a few words about Movavi, they are a software company founded in 2004. There speciality is that, they create comprehensive softwares for video, audio, images etc. They are a well reputable company and many customers already appreciating them for their work.

So about this app, Movavi Screen Capture For Mac has got the capability to record the ongoing things on the screen of Mac and you can add your voice instruction in it via microphone as well. The main part is its recording capability is 60fps (frame per second). I am using windows and I got some software but none of them provides this much of frame rate to be recorded. And more to that you can record your video and save your video for any device such as Ipod, Ipad etc.


Main Features of Movavi Screen Capture For Mac

1. Capture Screen and can save it in any  popular format : The usage of this apps is so easy and it can do what it is made for that is it can capture screen. More to that you can specify the size of the window you want to record. You can also save your file in any of the popular formats so your work won’t get wasted. Including the video it can also capture the audio of the system or from the outer source like from Mic.

2. Have a good fps rate to record the video : Since it got 60 fps capacity to record the video, so you can use it to record screen on mac games. As when you are giving walkthrough about a game your video needs to be smooth and your game video has to be clear. So this is the thing that can make it work.

3. Capture Voice without degrading the audio : Voice in a tutorial are great and it will help your voice to get integrated into the video. And the best part of it is that the voice quality will be the same. It will not be degraded to make your voice like some other person.

4. Can capture live streaming : Assume you are watching a webinar and think that it would be great if I watch it again. Then this software will do this task for you. Because of its capability to record with 60 fps you can record the live streaming and then watch them later.

5. Very User Friendly : If you think that you are not qualified to use this software then you are wrong. You don’t have to be computer engineer to use this. It got very user friendly menu, You just have to press the record button and then save your recording after the completion of the project.

 Their Regular price is $49.95 but for a limited time you can avail Movavi Screen Capture For Mac at just $29.95.

If you are not satisfied with the review you can also download their trial and then buy the Movavi Screen Capture For Mac.


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