Our world is now filled up with many technical devices. I believe we all got a smartphone, most of us will also have a smart band or smart watch and many few of us may also have the Google Goggles.

We mostly use our smartphone to do many things. But, when you have to do bigger things, like writing a program or editing a file or typing too much then we computers helps us. Using the computer and phones was really a problem when the smartphones were launched. But, now they act like friends.

To increase their friendship level, I am introducing you to the Mobikin Assistant for Android. It is a great piece of software which will help you a lot. Basically, it gives you a proper control from your computer. That means you can do many things from your computer to your phone.

Mobikin Assistant for Android – Review

It has many features so, I am going to write some of them here so that you can easily understand what this software can do.

Mobikin Assistant For Android – Features

1. Take Backup : I find many people every day which say that there data has been lost or their contacts has been lost. If you are one of them then this might be a perfect choice for you. With this you can take back up of all things that resides in your phone. These things includes apps, text messages, contacts (obviously), movies, music, books and many other things.

With that you can be ensured that your data will remain safe and you can also free up your space while doing so. That means it will work as a backup agent and as an optimizer as well. So that means you can transfer files from Samsung galaxy to computer or from any other phone to your computer.

2. Edit Contacts and Send SMS directly: With this software you can export all the contacts you have in a .csv file format. That means that you will have the power to edit them and import them back into the phone. You can add or a contact. You can delete the contact which is no longer needed by you.

With all that you will also have the power to send SMS directly from your computer. That means you can type as fast as you can. Plus you will also be able to save those text messages in your computer and then import them back into the phone whenever you want.

3. Manage Apps: We all have different types of application in our phones. Even some of them are not used by us. But, we do not delete them because we thought it will take a lot of time in reinstalling it. Now you can forget those fear. With this software you can take the backup of the apps in your Android Phone.

You can also install and uninstall the apps whenever you want using the inbuilt functions provided in the software.

4. Compatible with most of the phones available in the market: One of the best thing about this software is, that it is compatible with most of the smartphones. That means it won’t be a matter if you have a Samsung, Motorola, Sony Xperia, HTC or some other company device.

5. Great customer support service: Their support service is very good. You can take their help any time you want and at any day you want. They will gladly help you when ever you need them. Their blog also have many tutorial which will help you in learning the software.

I think all of the above points are enough to understand its features.

So, that’s all on Mobikin Assistant for Android – Review

They also provide a free trial so that you can check this software by your self.

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