Recently I got a mail from a friend saying me to check a new app “LUCKY 6 App“. By the name it can be of some match making or lottery winning app. But when I check that out, I was completely shocked that how much the app is offering for winners.

Now what is Lucky 6 App and what will we get ?

Lucky 6 App is giving out approximately 25 lac or a trip to a exotic place. Isn’t that awesome, I mean you get so much by just playing a game. There are some issues left with this app and still not available in the app store, but you still can download it from Fat Cat Gaming Official site. But for IOS users, this app is available in the Itunes App Store, since Apple does not let you install app from external resources unless your phone is jailbreaked.

Lucky 6 has a database of almost 100 companies and it let you choose the 6 you like. Now after you have choosen your Lucky 6 App you have to wait for the day when the result are announced. The result are announced every week on Wednesday so if you win you will be notified.

So after you selected your Lucky 6 Brand and if they come in the Top 6 brand of the week then you are the winner. Basically if the brand you choose is performing good and their stock market got increased then you will win as well.

How to setup Lucky 6 App on your smartphone :

1. Download the Lucky 6 App File from the Fact Cat gaming official site, in case of IOS you have to download from the app store.

2. Move it into your phone and install it.

Fatcat 1

3. When you open the app it will ask for your email and password and in the referral type “raddix101” by doing that we both can have some more advantageous.

FatCat 2

4. Now it will send you a confirmation mail, you may have to wait for sometime cause I also got my mail after 10 minutes.

5. After the confirmation, again run the app and now most probably it will start a quick tutorial about the app.

Fatcat 3

6. Then just select your Lucky 6 brand or companies, whatever you like to call them and wait for the result.

7. You can also know more about the brand by doing a right swipe.

 The Best things or features about Lucky 6 App by Fat cat Gaming :

1. It is free and easy to install and setup.

2. It has a good user interface and many features.

3. It gives us the real prize instead of some fake things.

4. If two user got the same score on the “Game Day” then the grand prize will be shared among them.

5. If there is no winner on the “Game Day” then the highest scorer will win a holiday package of an exotic place.

6. This app is open worldwide and receiving user and brands from all the corner of the World.

My Conclusion on the Lucky 6 by Fat Cat gaming :

I am using this app and I also recommend you to try it as well. Since it is free and not requiring any effort to setup or doing such kind of things, So you should give it a shot.

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