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This is a time when every one is trying to develop some apps or something like that. In that scenario some are also very much interested in getting their hands on mobile applications. So for them there are lots of platform and other back-end services.

I heard about Kidozen and I must say this has something which keep it apart from rest of the services. If you ask me why is that then the answer would be, it is an mobile application platform that also provide enterprise ready back end services.

Kidozen integration will help you to identify federation, Logging and management controls. It also gives you the control of encryption and deletion of data from the remote access. Kidozen also have the app – monitoring capabilities and access to data monitoring. Kidozen also enables you to connect other back end services such as Google Apps, Sales Force etc. So that means it also simplifies the whole integration process with other apps as well.

So What are the Main Features of Kidozen Mobile Data Management :

1. Easy Integration with other apps which will help you to build and deploy your apps very easily.

2. Have the power of encryption and deletion :You can specify in your app that what data should be encrypted and what can be shown. This can be easily maintained by Kidozen and this will also make your app more secure. It will also protect you from harmful external elements.

3. You can set the location based restriction and you can also apply the dual factor authorization to your app. That means the complete system will going to be in your control.

4. What happens if some one tries to run your app over a jail break phone without your permission. That is also taken care by Kidozen, through which you can restrict the data transfer and can also clear the stored data from those iPhones.

5. Can give real value insights to you which will help you in getting the views from the user and other such data.

6. You can assign the users role, means the user can see only that data that is relevant to him/her. So by that different user can view different data models and can understand the app more.

7. You can apply policies in just a second. That means you can restrict the data access for some user or can grant them the global data access in just a click. 8. You can specify that which data source will be accessed by the user according to its Location, Device Type, its status or any other relevant factors.

Don’t wait, Go now and check out the KidoZen Mobile Data Management

So that’s all on Kidozen Mobile Data Management

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