How to install Mac Os in dual boot with windows.

How to install Mac Os in dual boot with windows.

Hey guys, today we are gonna see How to install Mac Os in dual boot with windows.

Have you heard about hackintosh, well hackintosh is a Mac Os which is not running on a pc build by Apple. Now the question arises can we install a Mac on our pc and the answer is yes. With some small effort and some apps we can do it. But before starting our tutorial on how to install mac os first see the requirements.

Now the minimum requirement for installing a Mac is :

  1. Intel core i3 processor.
  2. 4 Gb ddr3 RAM.
  3. A good graphic card such as Radeon 5570 or greater.
  4. DVD/Bluray Burner.
  5. USB port.

And the recommended requirements are:

  1. Intel core i5 processor.
  2. 2 * 4Gb ddr3 RAM
  3. Graphic card must be Radeon 6870 or greater.
  4. DVD/Bluray Burner.
  5. USB port.

The things needed to install the Mac is:

  • A Mac Os distribution DVD. Now you can order it from Apple store or you can download it using torrent for free but that will be illegal. After downloading the .iso file write it into a DVD.
  • An app to boot that dvd such as iboot. After downloading iboot extract it, you will find an .iso file write it into a CD.
  • A windows Os DVD for dual boot.


Now the procedure starts on How to install Mac Os:

Bios Configuration:

1.When you first turn on or reboot the machine, press the delete key to enter the BIOS setup for Gigabyte. Different machine has different key for the boot menu. For Intel you can press F10 to go to boot menu. You can just load the Optimized Defaults, and just make a few changes within three sections of the bios: Advanced BIOS Features, Integrated Peripherals, and Power Management Setup.

How to install Mac Os

2.First, go to Advanced BIOS Features and set the First Boot Device to CDROM. I have my USB drive as the second drive and then Hard Disk as third – you can configure yours the same way if you wish to ever boot from a USB drive. Just be sure that Hard Disk is the Second Boot Device or Third Boot Device.

How to install Mac Os

3.Next, configure SATA to run in AHCI mode in the Integrated Peripherals menu. You’ll need to set both PCH SATA Control Mode and Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode to AHCI.

How to install Mac Os

4. Finally, go to Power Management Setup and set the HPET Mode to 64-bit mode.

How to install Mac Os

Its all set, now get ready for the installation.

Installation of Mac Os:

1.Insert the iBoot boot disk.

2.When you see screen below, eject the disk.

How to install Mac Os


3.Insert the Retail Mac OS DVD you just created, wait a few seconds, and press F5.

4.When you see the screen below, select Mac OS DVD (it should already be selected) and press Enter.

How to install Mac Os


5. If all goes well, you should eventually see the language selection screen for the installer. If all did not go well and you do not make it to the language selection screen, try downloading a different version of iBoot

6. Select your language and click the arrow to proceed.

7. Next, you need to partition your drive. Click on Utilities > Disk Utility.

8. Select your disk drive.

9. Click Partition.

10. Select 1 Partition for the partition scheme. Note: If you have a drive that is larger than 2 TB, do not create partitions larger than 1 TB. Split the drive into multiple partitions, and be sure the main installation partition is 1 TB or smaller.

11. Enter a name for the partition (I used Hackintosh).

12. Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the Format.

How to install Mac Os


13. Click Options…, select GUID Partition Table, and then click OK.

How to install Mac Os


14. Click Apply.

15. Quit Disk Utility and proceed with the installation. Install on the Hackintosh partition.

Do not fret when you reboot after the installation and get a boot error, as you will need to first boot the machine with iBoot (or Empire EFI). Eject the Mac OS X Snow Leopard install DVD, put your boot CD back into the drive, and reboot the machine. Now when you boot up, you should see a second choice for your installation partition (Hackintosh if you named it that way). Select the Hackintosh partition and press Enter to boot into OS X.

Once you’ve completed the first-run setup, open up Safari and download Multibeast. Multibeast is another superb tool by tonymacx86 and MacMan that makes it stupid easy to install the boot loader, along with all the drivers necessary for your Hackintosh to function properly.

Launch Multibeast and make the following selections (your choices will differ if you have a different motherboard/hardware configuration):

  • UserDSDT
  • System Utilities
  • Advanced Options > Kexts > Audio > LegacyHDA > ALC889
  • Advanced Options > Kexts > Graphics > NVEnabler
  • Advanced Options > Kexts > Network > RealtekR1000SL
  • Advanced Options > Patched Kernels > 10.3.1 Supported Kernel

After MultiBeast finishes installing, eject the iBoot CD and reboot the system. You should be able to boot right up from the hard drive, and all your devices should work just fine.

That’s all on how to install Mac OS.

Steps to convert it into dual boot:

Now your windows boot loader will be crashed. To recover it follow the steps:

Insert your windows dvd and boot it.

After the boot menu when the setup emerges don’t click on Install.

Click on repair windows and it will be done

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