Most organizations are beset with multiple tasks and deadlines. They often have to ramp up their productivity, increase workplace efficiency, and uphold good customer service. As a consequence, most businesses seek out the latest and most innovative processes available.

Companies and organizations are finding new uses for seemingly ordinary or niche tools. For instance, the use of barcodes has gone past solely the reading of codes, inventory management, price identification or tracking of items in supermarkets and retail stores.

There are even more innovative uses of barcodes being employed by businesses and organizations. Here are some innovative ways of using barcodes today.


The world of advertising has taken a new twist with the introduction of 2D barcodes. Smart advertising agents and companies are now tapping into the myriad of opportunities available in the world of barcoding.

Now more than ever, companies can determine how effective their physical ads are and to what extent they are getting customer response and approval.

By simply adding a 2-D barcode to their ads, for instance, it is a lot easier to track how many times consumers scanned the code, visited company’s website, or purchased a particular product.

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters can strike at any time. It is interesting how you can detect and deal with the aftermath of such occurrences with the use of barcodes.

Barcodes could help with providing information about a person’s location, direction, and contact information in the threat of a catastrophe.

For instance, during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, QR codes were remarkably valuable and played a crucial role in spreading information. This maximized the efficiency of relief efforts in the worst-hit disaster-stricken zones.

Monitoring of Food Consumption

For policy makers, determining the rate of consumption and quality of food could be a challenging task.

Barcoding provides useful information about when, what, and how much of a specific product is produced, sold, and distributed. It also provides information on item pricing, essential for cost-of-living calculations.

All available data will inform the decision of top business managers and policy makers in ensuring food safety, consumption, provision, and quantity of different foods.

Criminal Detection

Barcodes play an important role in detecting counterfeit or substandard drugs and medicines smuggled in or manufactured by fake drug companies.

Using serialized barcodes, for instance, ensures the safe production of medicines and drugs, and by so doing prevents the use of unauthorized bar codes by criminal organizations.

Recent discoveries show that invisible nanoparticle barcodes could help in crime fighting and tracking explosives, bank notes, medicines, prevent plagiarism of scientists’ reports, and prevent counterfeiting.

Scientists are now investigating other methods of developing barcodes that can detect all sorts of fraudulent and criminal activity in virtually all professions.

Use in Theaters, Events and Travel Agencies

To get a pass for most events, theaters, and some classic social gatherings, you’ll need admission tickets. Barcodes are used to identify, verify, and authenticate customers’ tickets before they can gain entry.

More, even sales and revenue generated from such events are determined and tracked appropriately. For organizers of events, the cost of producing actual tickets can be minimized as customers can easily print the barcodes anywhere and tender them at the venue.

Travel companies also employ the use of barcodes online in helping clients book travel flights, trains, or buses. The digitalization of companies makes this a lot easier, speedy and cost effective. In this regard, travelers simply print out the boarding ticket or pass and check in, just by showing the code on their phones and having them confirmed.

These are just some of the ways barcodes are helping to revolutionize daily life. This simple invention has proven indispensable whenever someone or something needs to be tracked. If you have need of such services yourself, the best place to get barcodes is from a vendor such as Speedy Barcodes.

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