Today I come with an awesome trick on how to increase internet speed by 20%.

In windows the QOS (Quality of Service) Packet Scheduler reserve the 20% of the internet speed for it self to maintain the quality of the services.
But we don’t often need those services, than why shouldn’t we override the setting to get that speed.

Now to increase internet speed the steps are

Step 1.Click “Start” and then select “Run” or press “windows button + R” to open Run dialogue Box.

Step 2.Type “gpedit.msc” for Open Group Policy window.

Step 3.In Computer Configuration (left column) click “Administrative Templates”.

Step 4.Then click “Network” and click “Qos Packet Schedule”.

Increase Internet Speed

Step 5.In the Right-column, click “Limit reservable bandwidth” for open properties.

Step 6.Click “Enable” and change “Bandwidth limit” from “20%” to “0%”.

Increase Internet Speed

Step 7. Click “Apply” and then “OK”.

Step 8.Restart computer and try to surf internet again.

That’s all on how to increase internet speed.

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